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My ears are ringing

Watching La Corda d'Oro, I've been wondering how well I could play Ave Maria on the violin. I happen to have sheet music to play it on the piano, because it's in Fantasia, and since my DS needed recharging, I figured I'd try playing the violin again while Athena was playing Brain Age. First, I had to tune my violin, because it was sadly, sadly out of tune. But while I was doing that, I realized exactly how much I don't know what I'm doing when the strings got too tight and the bridge snapped in half. So I decided to try playing Ave Maria on the piano instead, and if that's any indication, I would not have sounded so good with the violin.

I didn't realize how loud the snap was when the violin's bridge broke until a minute later when my ears started hurting like crazy. They're still a little sensitive now, so I'm really worried about Oreo, since he was only a few feet away and cats have more sensitive hearing.

But more importantly, the question for the day is this: Fruits Basket Juunishi curse--occult, or not occult?

The other question is how are we going to retrieve a file from our old computer (which seems to have died) that has suddenly become of utmost importance. I wonder if there's some computer genius in the ward who can help us out. Hopefully we'll have some time to figure it out.

Today I'm thankful for Nestle's peanut-butter lovers' peanut-butter cookie dough being on sale yesterday, Oreo still being able to hear, me still being able to hear, cool breezes, and Foster's being on at a time when we needed something to watch because Danny Phantom was usurped by El Tigre for the day.
Tags: classical music, computer issues, fruits basket, kitties

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