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Lately, all this audition stuff we've been thinking about has been seeming to work out less and less. Since we want opportunities to go to Japan, we thought we should go for it anyway, but as things get more troublesome, the ideas look less appealing, and we want more and more to say, "I'm just going to play my video games now..." So we've been very confused.

But yesterday we had an awesome lesson on prayer, and were reminded that when you need answers, the scriptures are an excellent place to go. The situation we're in doesn't seem like there'd be anything in the scriptures specific to it, so I thought I'd check the Doctrine and Covenants this morning and see if there was something that would be a little applicable. I had no idea where to look though, so I just opened it up and hoped for the best. The thing that stuck out the most in the section I opened up to went along the lines of "it is expedient that you should continue the work of translation."

Well that was subtle. *grin*

Of course, the way I am, I'm like, "Was that really not a coincidence?" Especially after all the craziness with Dad. But it's like the Bishop pointed out--we're making enough money now that we can start figuring out how to get to Japan on our own. At any rate, we really should stop stressing about it.

Today I'm thankful for finally getting that check from Del Rey, getting our sparkly package from Rightstuf, making excellent progress on Elemental Gelade today, random gifts of cookie, Balthier being on 24 tonight, and now being able to go play more Twilight Princess!! Woohoo!!!
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