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Mad mad mad mad Madam Mim!

It's not very easy to post with a Mimsy in front of the keyboard. Speaking of Mimsy, there's a movie coming out called "The Last Mimzy" or something like that. We might have to see it on principle.

Translation for the CMX series has sped up, which is a very good thing, because now we feel like we have time to do stuff again. I was a little worried when we checked our next TokyoPop deadline and it was only two weeks away (a week and a half now), and then the CMX thing was going sooooo sloooooow, so I kind of panicked. But it's all okay now. And! Akadot Retail shipped our package yesterday, so we should get the Elemental Gelade soundtrack before we start translating that again! Yay!

Last night after turning of Final Fantasy XII, I sat up and suddenly it felt like my head would implode or something. That wasn't fun. I think it might be the time of year, because I think it was sort of around this time last year when I got "sick" with the same thing. (It seems kind of weird calling it sick when it's in my head, but it is a kind of nausea, I think...) Another reason we need to get out of Fresno.

Today I'm thankful for not feeling sick anymore, Mimsies beside the keyboard (and not in front of them), more packages being shipped, getting the book for the new Del Rey series, and the warm fuzzies we got from the people answering the meme we posted yesterday. Thanks, guys!
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