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I'm not sure I really have anything to post about today. We talked to our bishop about stuff today, and the obvious point was made that, now that we have enough money to start saving, we could *gasp!* save up and go to Japan on our own. It seems so obvious now. Athena says she was always aware of the possibility but it seems so much easier to go with a group of people to explain what's going on, like Nova or Disney. But at least now we don't have to panic about not having time to decide things or work things out.

We still haven't entirely given up on the Disney Princess thing, but the realization that we would have to work on Sundays at a job we don't really need has made us reconsider. The problem with considering, though, is that we have such a hard time coming to a conclusion.

Today I'm thankful for good bishops, getting two more marks hunted in FF12, calming realizations, having ice cream for later tonight, and being almost done with sidequests in KH2.
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