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Not enough time!

It's kind of a weird feeling, taking the day off. Because on the one hand, we still have work to do--should we really be taking time off? and on the other hand, now that the vacation's started I feel like we don't have enough time to do all the stuff we wanted to do (namely, spend hours and hours playing video games). And so we might take time off tomorrow, too. We're such slackers.

We decided to go ahead and order the Fruits Basket fanbook so we can get all the information to get everyone's Juusanshi signs, but we ordered it along with some other stuff that was backordered, so it might be a little while. For the people who are interested, we'll probably tell you your sign and who you're most compatible with, but we'll tell you to wait until the English version comes out for the whole description. There's lots of other fun stuff in it, too, so it should be worth it, especially if you're a big Fruits Basket fan.

We've been pricing video games at Play Asia, and some of them are astoundingly cheap! (HaruToki2 for $20!?) But we already have such a backlog of video games that we figure we ought to wait. Darn sidequests.

We can't decide whether or not we should get Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix +, either. I mean, on the one hand, there'll be new scenes and new features and stuff, but on the other, KH2 American version has been so good to us. It's like one of our best friends. If we get Final Mix +, what will happen to it? And they're both the dub version, so it's not like we can say, "I feel like playing it with Japanese voices today," and switch languages. And of course KH2FM+ is not astoundingly cheap. Decisions, decisions. I do kind of want to get the PS2 version of Chain of Memories, though...

Today I'm thankful for having gone to the post office, getting exercise, potential reference material for Sugimoto's speech pattern, not having to go to the post office in the rain, and having more Host Club manga.
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