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We will not get right back to work tomorrow. We will not get right back to work tomorrow. We will not get right back to work tomorrow...

Not that that would really be a bad thing, getting back to work tomorrow. But what with everything that's been going on, we really do need to take a day off, I think. Especially because the last two translations we did were pretty intense text-wise, and we know the next one will be, too. So yes.


But we just got four more work orders!!!!

No! Calm down! It's ooookaaaay. We asked for the work orders, so I'm definitely not complaining. Just being a workaholic. We're making it a rule right now that we can't work on Elemental Gelade until we get our hands on the soundtrack.

On a not completely unrelated note, we got our shiny package today! And it was indeed shiny--Saiyubito has a very shiny cover. One of the happiest things about it was that, after looking through it, we realized that if TokyoPop ever gets the rights to it and we get to translate it, it won't be nearly as soul-crushing as the Fruits Basket fanbook, due in part to the fact that all the flashbacks (of which there are far fewer) are put in chronologically, instead of arranged by character. We would have had an easier time anyway, though, since we've memorized Saiyuki a bit more.

We haven't read the Q&A bit yet, but we're sure it's hilarious. We might end up translating the book anyway, just because we want to read all of the text, but we probably won't find time any other way. Not that we'd find time to translate it, either. But it has a comparative analysis of Kazuya Minekura's Saiyuki and the Journey to the West legend!

One thing we did find out is that the reason Goku doesn't drink beer is not that he's underage, but that he doesn't like the taste. *hugs Goku* He's too cute♥

Today I'm thankful for lots of steady work, taking the day off tomorrow, shiny new packages, lots of pretty Saiyuki pictures, and the ability to eat Cadbury Creme Eggs.
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