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Try as we might, we just couldn't feel productive today, even after scrubbing the bathroom sink so it's all nice and sparkly! We're pretty well convinced we need to take some time off. Not that we really work very much. But it's true we've been cranking out translations for a while now. And yet even those have been taking longer than we think they should! I guess it's like in the Atelier games, when if you're too tired, you're more likely to fail. And of course, there are other things going on.

Fortunately, we just finished the preliminary translation for Hiyokoya, so after we turn it in tomorrow we will have finished our long list of assignments, and that's a very reasonable time to take a break. Though the existence of a deadline for CMX may nag at us a bit. But it's not until April.

In the meantime, we're thinking of sending in an audition CD for the thing Pony Canyon is doing. We found out about it while watching Japanese dramas on AZN last week, and while the commercial said they're looking for nihonjin, the website didn't, so we figure we may as well give it a shot. For the heck of it and stuff. The worst that would happen is they'd just throw away the audition tape, right? So now we just have to figure out what to sing, and then get it recorded. Any thoughts?

Today I'm thankful for characters cosplaying other characters, time to cool off, no more dying flowers for the cats to eat, unexpectedly fast media mail (our package still isn't here, but it's a lot closer than we expected), and having miniature Reese's.
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