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Finally something to talk about!

After all this having to be secretive about practically everything that's going on (okay so that's an exaggeration, but lately it feels completely true), this article at Anime News Network tells us that we can finally talk about some stuff!

The article mentions a few things that we work on, but right now I just want to talk about the crazy crazy thing. Some of you may be happy to know that the TokyoPop version of the Fruits Basket fanbook is scheduled to come out in September. And let me tell you, fanbooks are hell to translate. Okay, maybe more like heck, but man it drove us crazy. And shortly after we finished it, we were at the Hakusensha website and saw that they were planning another fanbook and we thought, "Why don't you just kill us now?" But on the other hand, we were very happy to be able to work on it, and we would hate to let the second one go to anybody else. We're kind of crazy like that. (On a similar note, apparently CLAMP no Kiseki will start coming out again.)

Anyway! when we translate for TokyoPop, we like to use footnotes. The fanbook, like most fanbooks, will have quotes and pictures of pages from the series. And for the fanbook, we thought we'd help all the people along the production line by looking up all those pictures and quotes. We ended up with over five hundred footnotes (or was it more like seven hundred?). It was intense. The last two days of finishing up the translation were just us looking through the set of manga we had sent to find where all the "flashbacks" were. Two days!!

It was kind of funny though, because first we got the idea that we would remind ourselves where we could find all the flashbacks by re-reading the entire series. We ended up not having time for that, but we did bring a couple of volumes to Family Home Evening one night. I think we were on four and five at the time. One girl recognized the books and came closer to see which ones we were reading and she's like, "Pff, you're so far behind!" Athena wishes she had heard the comment more clearly, because then she could have responded with, "I know! We've only read through 17 and 21 is out in Japan!" (She was reading the TokyoPop version, and 15 hadn't come out yet.) And yet she seemed unimpressed to see our names in the credits. What's the point of even translating anymore? *grin*

The hardest part about keeping the thing secret is that it has Juusanshi fortune-telling. (To clarify, since the Chinese Zodiac is the Juunishi (twelve signs), Juusanshi (thirteen signs) adds the Cat.) And we wanted to get all of our friends' Juusanshi signs and fortunes, because it says which male Sohma you're most compatible with! We were actually a little sad to get the Rat, because Yuki is so mainstream, but it's so true that we're Yuki.

And! the compatibility thing seems to be surprisingly accurate! It said that Rats are most compatible with Ayame, and we're like, "Uh... okay, if you say so..." But then, when we were translating the thing for CMX, the main guy in that also happens to be a lot like Ayame, and we both fell in love with him. Amazing!

But! we still have the script, so I think we might be able to do some fortune-telling for people, but we don't still have our copy of the book, so we might not know where all the arrows are pointing. We do, however, still have all the stickers that came with the book.

Today I'm thankful for con announcements, Juusanshi fortune-telling, being able to talk to Dad on the phone and relieve some stress, e-mailing Jonathan, and our favorite (and by favorite, we mean the one we're watching, but we do like it (else we wouldn't be watching)) new Japanese drama being on AZN tonight!
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