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Now, I'm just tired.

People! Why aren't you posting entries on LJ to distract us!?

Just kidding. Well, sort of. I feel like I should write about something new, but this recent development and all the talking about it to try to figure things out has pretty much taken up most of our time. It is exhausting, and I think the emotional stuff is finally catching up to me. That's kind of weird, come to think of it, because I don't really feel like I was trying to escape it. I guess everything just happened so fast.

Anyway, in an effort to talk about something where I actually mention what's going on, the question is this: Are we like the only ones who liked the chocolate peanut butter Chex Mix? Because they don't sell it at our grocery store anymore. Hopefully it's just a fluke and they'll get back to it eventually. Our favorite is honey nut Chex Mix, but sometimes it's nice to have a little variety, and the caramel just doesn't do it for us. I guess we could try one of the non-sweet varieties, but what's the point in that?

Today I'm thankful for getting to go out to dinner, having laundry done, getting some work done, having time to watch anime, and anime plushies.
Tags: randomness, the february incident

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