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Yesterday, my rage at the world had turned into sadness, but now I've heard things and I'm back to rage. Only this time it's more at specific people. And it fluctuates. Sometimes it goes back to sadness. And then it goes off on crazy tangents like the discussion Athena and I just had about the spelling of fluctuate. (I was like, "That's not how fluctuate is spelled..." and she's like, "Yes it is. How else would it be spelled?" "I don't know, with an X or something...")

So now we're waiting for Mom to pick us up and take us to the grocery store, so we're updating LJ to pass the time. We've been trying to work, but everything is really chaotic right now. Not that we haven't gotten any work done, just that it's getting to the good parts and we keep getting interrupted.

And now I just got a call from Mom saying it will be a bit longer before she gets here. We're liking this new policy of calling the Twins and letting them have a better idea of what to expect. Still having a hard time thinking straight though. Ah well.

Oh! But on a happy note! Last night we got a newsletter from Anime Gamers letting us know that Saiyubito is on sale! So we ordered it, and now it's on the way! But media mail, so it might take a while to get here. Ah well.

Today I'm thankful for choosing the right, new policies of letting the Twins know what's going on, spell checking, good bishops, and shiny new fanbooks.
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