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Whew, I needed to get that out of my system. It turns out we have a lot of things to think about, which would normally just be a matter of, "Okay, let's think about that," but the fate of our AX attendance hangs in the balance, and we're kind of mad at everyone in the world today. So we're just a little stressed out, and on top of that, while we love Hiyokoya to bits, it takes a loooooong time to translate, and that always hits the, "No! Can't stop working! No time, no time, NO TIME!!!!" button.

So anyway. As I mentioned before, we decided to wait until we actually had some money in our account to reserve a room for AX. This turned out to be a Very Bad Idea, because the rooms filled up super fast. Based on what some people have said in the AX forums, and the fact that hotels have rooms available for some nights and not all of them, it's looking like the main reason for this is that people who don't really care about being super close to the convention have booked the convention hotels for just one night, so that they can get tickets to the Masquerade or the AMV contest or whatever without waiting in line. This is bad for us, because one, it's annoying; two, we have a hard enough time getting to just one hotel; and three, it's super annoying.

We thought maybe we'd just book a room normally (not in the AX room block) and pay full price, but Priceline was saying they can't confirm availability until payment is made in full or something? That doesn't make a whole lot of sense, because why would I pay all that money just to be told there are no rooms available? We checked a couple other travel sites, and they said the hotels weren't available for all the nights we wanted. We decided to think about it, because if we go through with the Disney Princess audition, and we get cast, then we won't be going to AX anyway, I would imagine. But we can't say it's set in stone that we'd get cast, especially because we're a little on the tall side. And the auditions are on a Sunday, which is a whole other thing.


Today I'm thankful for the reunion episode of Beauty and the Geek tonight, being caught up on Heroes, Ghirardelli chocolate, still having ice cream (might need some of that tonight), and having options.
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