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We should probably not slack so much today, but our schedule is going to be kind of weird. The California central valley had a freeze crisis thingie this winter, so a lot of farming families are really struggling a lot, and the stakes in the area are getting people to donate boxes of food and stuff. So for Family Home Evening tonight, Mom's family (they have FHE on Tuesdays because that's when Steve's kids are allowed to visit) is going to Winco (our favoritest grocery store of all time) to buy some food for these boxes, and we've been invited along in case we need to buy groceries for ourselves.

We figured we might as well go, so that was going to be the plan, but then I remembered I'm scheduled to go visiting teaching tonight. I called Mom and told her, and she said we'd probably be done at the grocery store before then. So now, as I said, our schedule is a little crazy.

I notice I keep talking about how we don't have enough time to do anything because we're so busy with work, but the truth is the only reason we don't have time to do everything is that we insist on keeping up on 15+ anime serieses and leaving time for video games. Also, we like do be done with the computer before Celeste gets home from work. So really, since Celeste's been here, we only work about four hours a day. Wow, we really are slackers. Maybe we should cut back on Brain Age. But that might hinder our plans to become super-geniuses. Ah well, as long as we get everything in by deadline.

I guess the smart thing to do would be to finish this up and get back to work (crazy slackers, we've only worked like an hour today). Today I'm thankful for meringue cookies (better known as "the puffy things") with chocolate chips, getting to translate Hiyokoya Shouten, the song "Thanks," nice people who listen to us when we need to yell at things, and opportunities to help people in need.
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