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To be a Princess

Originally I was thinking we'd have lunch and then I'd post, but Oreo just got settled on the blanket at the foot of my chair a few minutes ago, and I can't bear to leave. But I am hungry, so if this entry is incoherent at all, we can blame that this time.

So. Yesterday we were thinking about moving out of Fresno, one thing led to another, and now Celeste is saying (or did say) we should go down to Los Angeles at the end of March to audition to be Disney Princesses in Tokyo Disneyland.

Now if we decide we don't want to do it, the simple solution is to just not talk about it, and it'll probably go away. While I think that's generally a bad way of dealing with most problems, in this case I'm pretty sure it would actually work, because she says we should do it for the experience of auditioning, and she's not really expecting to be cast anyway. She actually does this kind of thing a lot. She was going to audition for Nashville Star, and we almost auditioned for the next season of Who Wants to be a Superhero?. Athena and I started coming up with some interesting superhero personas, but we got swamped with work, and would have had no time to make costumes. So the audition dates went by and we stayed up here.

But the thing is, I can't help thinking it might actually be a really good idea. If it works and we get cast, not only would we be going to Tokyo, but we would be paid to go to Disneyland every day! As princesses! If we don't get cast, we go back to life as usual. But that's not the worst that could happen. After our Disneyland casting experience in 2004, we've learned to look at all the possibilities. And one thing that could happen is that Athena or I get cast, and the other one doesn't. That's what happened in 2004, and it kind of really sucked. But in this case, since we're auditioning to be face characters, and it's mostly based on looks (it's also based on personality! That's awesome!), we think that's less likely to happen.

What's more likely to happen, and a much more irritating concept (because in the above case, whoever gets cast could either say no or maybe see if the other one could go with her), is that Celeste gets cast, and goes to Japan, where we've been dreaming to go for years, and we don't get cast and have to stay home. She says if that happens she'll look for a place to stay there and then we can follow her, but somehow that idea just doesn't make it any more appealing. Of course, that's just our being selfish. But Japan is our thing!

Of course the cats are another concern. Right now my thinking is along these lines: every Disney princess has at least one close friend who happens to be an animal, and it would not be very Disney-princess-like to abandon her friends like that, so hopefully they'll be willing to make concessions. But then, thinking about it now, I don't think Snow White took all her animal friends to the Prince's castle... but they probably followed her. And there's no way Cinderella would have left Jacques and Gus to the mercy of Lady Tremaine. And of course, if we don't get cast (which is a distinct and quite likely possibility), it won't be an issue.

There's also the concern of "what if Athena or I gets cast as Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty? Would Celeste or Aurora kill us?" Not if they don't find out of course, but Celeste would be at the audition. And I actually think it's weird talking like that because the idea of one of us actually being cast as a Disney princess seems kind of... I don't want to say impossible, but very unlikely, and I feel like I might be a little arrogant to think of it as a possibility. But then again, thinking like that is also kind of Disney-princess-like. I am way too good at justifying things.

So anyway, that's what was distracting me during church today. I've been praying that I'd be able to keep my eyes open and see opportunities to go on with my life instead of staying in Fresno forever, and this is definitely an opportunity. We'll just have to see what happens. Of course, if we're too tall, it's all a moot point anyway.

Today I'm thankful for Disney princesses, satellite technology (Stake Conference today via satellite broadcast; President Faust said he wished he could meet everyone and shake their hand, and if they needed an abrazo, give them one), opportunity, lunch time, and the white flowers on the tree outside in contrast to the bark that's been made darker because of the rain.
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