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Last night we ended up staying up late trying to put together this puzzle Mom got a couple of weeks ago. It's a photo-mosaic picture of Mickey Mouse leaning on a tree stump made out of screencaps from various Disney movies. And it was not a happy puzzle for Simba or Hercules. But I spent so long holding my neck at a weird angle staring at pieces that my neck and shoulders still hurt.

In other news, the reason I was glad to be off the phone yesterday was because the guy on the other end was really quiet and had an accent, the two things that make it hardest to understand people on the phone, and my brain stops functioning enough in normal phone conversations. But! he was calling to get us to let his company build/host a website for our business! Actually, technically, I think we'd be building it, but they've got themes and stuff to make it easy and not look stupid! (At least, we thought the samples looked pretty awesome. Here's their site.) We've been wanting a website, so we're thinking we'll take him up on it, but we're not completely convinced we can fit it in the budget. So I told him we'd think about it, and he'll call back on Monday. If I understood him correctly, he was offering a deal that was cheaper than what they list on the site, but it's all kind of a blur.

Also! my visiting teacher came over today, and she plays the violin, so she was able to fix mine! The bridge had come off, but I still had it, so I didn't have to go buy a new one. She says it may need some more tuning, and I think I might have to take it somewhere, because last time I tried to tune it (years and years ago), the pegs were very unhappy. But I can still take it out and fiddle with it (the pun wasn't originally intended, but once I realized it was there, I figured I may as well stick with it). It also means that if we get that cello and viola like we want, we can have a string quartet! Assuming Celeste isn't annoyed with us forcing her to learn the viola, but she did say something sometime that implied she wanted to...

Today I'm thankful for cereal prizes like pedometers, having my violin fixed, visiting teachers, photo-mosaic puzzles (we didn't finish the one, though--the black and parts and blue parts did us in), and D. Gray-man.
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