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Zexion is so cute!

We never realized he was so short before. Probably because everyone looks short next to Lexaeus, so we just figured he was normal-sized.

See, last night we weren't ready to go to bed, so we went to the Square-Enix site to see if they finally had the Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix + official site up, and they did! So of course we had to get all the wallpapers they had. They really only had three though, because Tetsuya Nomura drew a pretty awesome picture with everyone from KH2 and Chain of Memories together, only all the CoM characters are on the right and all the KH2 characters are on the left, so they divided it up so you can have a wallpaper of one game or the other or both! (I guess we should give a link.) Of course we couldn't decide, so we currently have the one with everybody up, but it's kind of weird to have two Soras standing back to back, so we might have to pick one. Plus our AIM buddy list covers up some of the characters on this one.

In other news, the finale of Beauty and the Geek was totally awesome, and Stan Lee should make Nate into a superhero, because what he did was the awesomest of all awesome things. If you're bored and/or have nothing to do Sunday night, might I suggest you catch the rerun? We know a lot of people don't like reality TV, but this one should actually give you some hope for mankind, instead of despair.

Last night was full of amazing people on TV. The guest on the Daily Show was just incredible. I don't remember his name, but I think the book he wrote is called "a long way gone" or something like that. He was a refugee in Sierra Leone and then made into a child soldier, and basically saw mankind at some of its very worst, but he was so bright and cheerful on the show. He said something like he believes that man is capable of great evil, but he also believes that they're capable of overcoming that... and stuff. I'm not so good with the different adjectives, so I'll just say again that he was incredible.

The saddest thing about Valentine's Day yesterday is that somehow, after everything that happened, we have no chocolate.

We do have an inordinate amount of pizza, though. (Pizza Hut has the awesomest new slogan: "Dinner now. Breakfast tomorrow." So true.) We ordered our own pizza last night, because Celeste was feeling generous. It came an hour late; we think the delivery guy was in an accident on the way to our place because the pizza was deformed in such a way that indicated sudden impact. We felt so bad for him; he seemed really shaken up. So we had cheesy bites pizza, and then the guy who bought Celeste chocolate and flowers (we found out that they were talking the other day and he said he wished he had someone to buy stuff for for Valentine's Day, and she said she wished she had someone to buy stuff for her for Valentine's Day, so they decided to pretend) decided that he would bring a pizza when he came to deliver the card he forgot to give her yesterday morning. Of course, we were too full to eat any of his heart-shaped pizza, so we ended up with the entire pizza as leftovers (minus the one slice he had while he was here (And he didn't eat the crust either. I don't know why people don't eat pizza crust. They got a problem with bread? They shouldn't waste food like that.)).

Today I'm thankful for the awesomeness of Nate on Beauty and the Geek, for getting to see that guy on the Daily Show last night, still having my own thing of ice cream (too full to eat any of it last night), pretty new Kingdom Hearts wallpapers, and getting back to Final Fantasy XII.
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