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Happy Valentine's Day!!!

My question is this: How is Frank the Goat supposed to shoot arrows from his bow without opposable thumbs?

We've been very popular today! We got a phone call from some people asking for donations (make that two calls; I was interrupted while I typed), and the Jehovah's Witnesses stopped by, and Mom called and asked us to help her out with something that she ended up not needing our help for! Yay!

I was actually pretty bitter this morning, not because it's Valentine's Day; it just happened to be Valentine's Day. And then it didn't help that Celeste got flowers and chocolate and she doesn't even have a boyfriend. But I'm really only upset because I already was about something else. I've been dwelling on the past. The dream I mentioned the other day was reminiscent of our senior year of college, which really, really sucked, to put it lightly. And we've seen enough anime to know that when you start dreaming of the past, it means you're going to have to confront it soon. Or maybe that's just anime.

But anyway, after working some with shiny Host Club soundtracks playing, I'm feeling a lot better, and now I have an amusing anecdote from our senior year of college, that isn't really related to why that year sucked.

That year, we had made plans with baranoneko, setra, chibidrunksanzo, pixiepilot, and some others to be in the Masquerade for Anime Expo 2004. So we had come up with an awesome skit and stuff, and we had applied to be in the Masquerade and stuff, but it turned out that everyone had to sign a waiver. This was a problem because the former two people mentioned were studying abroad in Japan, and the latter two were otherwise not in Utah. So we asked them what they wanted to do, and the Japan side decided they'd send in their own paperwork later while the US East Coast side gave us permission to have their signatures forged.

So we were getting along pretty well with our Japanese 444 class, and we figured we'd bring the waivers there and see if anyone would sign the names for us. A couple of guys obliged and were very good-natured about it (in the words of one of them, "[chibidrunksanzo]'s signature never looked better!"). But while they were forging signatures, the professor came in. The class only had about eight people in it total, so he noticed. Come to think of it, I don't remember how he found out that that's what was going on (forging signatures), but he did. At first, we thought he was just going to joke about it ("I've been reading the Harry Potter books, and I can't help but be reminded of what happened to poor Harry when he forged his uncle's signature...") and go on with the lesson, but then he said he would have to report us to the Honor Code Office. The professor also happened to be the Dean of Humanities, so he could really mean business.

We were really, really scared. He does tend to joke around with his students, but he's very good at doing it with such a straight face that you can't always tell. So we spent a couple of days being very afraid that we would be expelled, and we were only about a month away from graduation.

Fortunately, next class, one of our classmates was wearing a fake tattoo, so we were all three doomed. And then the professor used the word sado-masochism, and he wasn't sure he was allowed to do that, so all four of us were doomed, and he suggested we all go to his office, where he had a katana, and commit seppuku.

By that time, we were pretty sure he was joking. And thus our scholastic careers were endangered and then not.

Today I'm thankful for having my very own carton of ice cream to eat tonight, meeting our translation page quota even though we took a half hour off to wait for someone who wasn't coming (she apologized though, so it's all good), having not been expelled from BYU, download rates going up, and Jonathan asking if we would be American pen pals for some of the people who go to his English-speaking lessony things that the missionaries have in Japan.
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