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The overwhelming power of fangirl mode

I forgot to mention in my last entry that the Gundam Seed mini-dramas make perfect sense even if you haven't seen the series. (In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they were less confusing than the first two episodes... (But they all start to make sense after the third one, so don't let them discourage you!))

Anyway, yesterday while I was typing up the Gundam Seed entry, I was trying to figure out how to make an indent, and we went to the webpage maintained by our Japanese penpal to see if we could borrow some code. I guess this is another example of... something, I don't know. Because he had just updated that day (well, in Japan, so it was kind of the day before) with information on a new drama CD, something something "decade," which is apparently a drama CD combining all four of Yukiru Sugisaki's main serieseses. This is about the coolest thing ever, and I will be obsessing over that more.

But first, he gave three links where you could get more information (he's a good fact-checker), and one of them was Yukiru Sugisaki's official website. Upon realizing that it was Sugisaki-sensei's own website, we immediately go over to check it out, and find out it's been there since January. Clay's been falling behind on the job, not telling us about it! Okay, so not really, since there's a good chance he figured we already knew about it, and there's also a chance he mentioned it on his website right when it started, and if we were good penpals, we would have been checking more frequently. Oh well.

There was a lot of English on the site. We're hoping this just means that Sugisaki-sensei knows a lot of English herself (a good possibility considering all the English she puts in DN Angel stuff), because we're selfish and the idea of her getting help from, oh, say, the translator for Lagoon Engine Einsatz, makes us upset. We are so NG. Man, I feel like even saying that is going to get us struck by lightning.

It is specifically the relation with ADV that upsets us (especially because we did ask if we could help with Einsatz). If she just happens to have an American (or Australian, or British) friend, that's not so upsetting. The site also mentioned Einsatz a lot, which didn't help us feel better. And that's why we were freaking out yesterday when we were talking to Sanzo, even though her experience was probably far more traumatic. Sorry Sanzo!!!

And, since I've taken long enough with that

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!vvvvv ("v" is the substitute for the heartmark punctuation, since there's no way to type it)

This CD is going to be the coolest thing ever!!! It's a collaboration between Kadokawa, Wani Books, and Victor Entertainment to commemorate Sugisaki-sensei's ten years as a manga artist. I don't know how they're planning to do stuff, like is it a few tracks for Candidate for Goddess, a few for DN Angel, etc., or is it all the characters interacting together? The latter would be awesome.

All we know is that they list a definite cast, and that we'll get more information on June 15th.

The casting is very interesting. For Candidate for Goddess, they re-cast everyone except Kizna and Azuma. This makes us sad, because the original cast was so perfect. At least they did keep Azuma (he played Hughes in FullMetal Alchemist!), but I'm really sad that they changed Zero. Yukimasa Obi was so perfect (let's see how many times I can use the phrase "so perfect"!), and he so rarely gets to be in stuff. Now Zero is played by Jun Fukuyama, who recently is in everything, so I'm always like, "Well, it's not that we hate him, but why is he in everything? I want to hear other pretty voices!"

Seriously, he's currently in Bleach, Loveless, Glass Mask... okay so maybe it's just the three. But he's in Gankutsuou, which was last season.

Anyway, they got the guy who was Takeshi in the DN Angel anime to be Clay, which is kind of fitting, but kind of scary. Just thinking about Takeshi in Clay's place. Yikes. It's possible that, if Ernest shows up, he'll still be voiced by the same guy, because there's a chance he'll be directing the whole thing. And we just looked up the new voice of Yamagi, and he's Kou Hiko in Houshin Engi, which is weird, because Kou Hiko is enormous and Yamagi is tiny. Still, mustn't underestimate the talent of these voice actors.

The cast listed for DN Angel is an enigma. Not only did they not re-cast, but they apparently are using the drama CD cast as well as the anime cast, at least for Dark and Daisuke. They kept Ishida-san for Satoshi; Tomokazu Seki wasn't listed at all. While confusing, this is the happiest thing in the world! Because Hoshi-san is THE perfect Daisuke. And Irino-kun is adorable. It would have been sad to choose one or the other (although I would have chosen Hoshi-san in a heartbeat).

I still wonder why they got two sets of voices for DN Angel but not Candidate for Goddess. I mean, Obi-san's most treasured possession at the time they took pictures for the Goddess artbook was an autographed sketch of Zero. So I guess it probably had more to do with the fans than the voice actors. I know that we weren't the only American fans who liked Hoshi-san much better than Irino-kun (as Daisuke. As Haku and Sena and Syaoran, he's awesome.). But now I'm not as crazy for seeing our poster of Daisuke and Satoshi and thinking of it as characters voiced by Hoshi-san and Ishida-san. Not that being crazy stopped me.

It's not surprising that they got new voices for Yen and Jin, since the original voice actors are like three years older and were so young at the time that they're voices are changed. Now they'll be played by girls, so if they ever animate it, they can use those voices without too much difference.

For Rizelmine, they only list Rizel and Tomonori, which is interesting because Rizel is the same (not surprising because she's in everything by Sugisaki-sensei), but Tomonori is now played by Romi Park, which is fun (and a little disturbing) because now the happy couple is played by the Elric brothers. I really wonder (and wouldn't be surprised at all) if Sugisaki-sensei is an FMA fan.

The best part is they're going to have an internet radio thing, with Irino-kun and ??? as the main personalities. They even tell you at the website to guess who the other personality will be. We're hoping for Hoshi-san, because then we might get some perspective on the Daisuke vs. Daisuke thing. But it could really be anyone. We'll see on June 15th.

One more thing we're hoping for is that all of Ishida-san's characters will show up. He's Yu and Aracd in Candidate for Goddess and Shintaro in Lagoon Engine. They've already got him for DN Angel, so why not have all his characters, right? And then maybe they'll have him play Ryunosuke in Rizelmine and then he'll have been in everything by Sugisaki-sensei, too!

And now it's out of my system. Until June 15th.
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