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Nosatsu Junkie!

I think I figured out why I've been so angry, because I had a dream last night that made me really mad, or that I was really mad in. I can't quite tell if there was a difference. So apparently my subconscious is having issues.

But anyway, everybody should check out Nosatsu Junkie (in stores now)! We're translating volume 4 right now, and it's fun. I know I've talked about the series before, but I don't remember what all I've said about it, and I hate giving summaries (partly because of the anti-spoiler Nazi in me and partly because you can't judge how entertaining a book is by its summary). But at any rate, it couldn't hurt to sit down and read the first chapter next time you're at a bookstore, right?

Apparently there was a drama CD (which you could only get through the magazine; sad), and Akira Ishida was Tsutsumi! Yay! That's just too perfect, especially because Tsutsumi has the same birthday and bloodtype as Hakkai, though his personality is a little more like Xellos. Sadly, but not unexpectedly, the student council president is played by a girl. Even more sadly, that girl is not Romi Park. Oh well. But forgetting about that, Akira Ishida seems to have a habit of never giving up characters, so if the series is ever animated, hopefully he'll still be in it!

I feel kind of boring today. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for Akira Ishida being Tsutsumi, making our page quota with some time to watch anime before I go visiting teaching, lemonade, meeting the prince guy in Atelier Marie, and miniature Sharpees.
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