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Rebel without a cause

For some reason it seems like I just want to be angry lately. I don't know if it's that I have some pent up energy that I need to get out by exercising or something, or if it's that there's some issue nagging at my subconscious that I need to confront and/or get over, or what. But since I'm not sure what I'm angry about, and the other things that are bugging me are stupid, right now I'm directing my anger at the woman who came into the library at church yesterday. She's a pretty nice lady for the most part, but she knows that we translate manga for a living, and as part of her library studies (or something like that) class, she had to do a bit of research on manga (which was apparently required for everyone in the class, which is awesome), and found out that "most of it is pretty raunchy."

So her question was what do we do when we come across that kind of stuff. And our answer was nothing, because we don't. (Well, okay so we probably actually do; maybe it just doesn't bother us as much?) But the fact is that most manga actually isn't raunchy at all, and she seemed to believe us in that, "Well, if you say so..." sort of way. So we're just frustrated because so much else was going on at the same time that we couldn't really drive our point into the ground like we like to do so much. And it didn't help that when Super Librarian came in during the discussion he seemed to take the attitude of, "Yeah, I've seen that stuff and she's right." But I could have been misinterpreting it because I was already annoyed, a lot of other stuff was going on, and Celeste's talk on marriage stirred up some feelings that had been dormant for a while. Maybe that's why I'm wanting to be angry so much...

The point is! they've read like two books of manga and we've read hundreds. I think we know a little more about the subject. Rar.

She had to read some manga as part of the project so she read volume three of what, from her description, was Dream Saga (she couldn't remember the title), which is kind of confusing because that one is clearly aimed at younger children. Though there is the one guy who's actually a girl in the dream world... And we were sad that she started with volume three, because one of our biggest pet peeves is people starting a series in the middle, out of context, because they almost invariably say they didn't like it, it was too confusing, or both. This time it was the too confusing part. She really should have talked to us--we have volume ones! In English, even!

One thing that really got me, though, is that when we mentioned how a lot of manga that's aimed at younger kids is rated teen in the US (see: +ANIMA), she seemed to think it was because the Japanese have the audacity to let their children see such things. *sigh* And I was too distracted to explain it properly. Like how it used to be that every single Japanese anime video at Blockbuster had an 18+ sticker. A Japanese series can have the exact same content as Teen Titans (that's Y7, isn't it?) and be rated TV14! Well, nowadays it's more like to be Teen, or whatever the TV rating equivalent is. (There is something between Y7 and TV14, right?) Still, darn xenophobia.

So now that I'm done ranting, life is actually pretty good. We have plans to celebrate Valentine's Day by watching Beauty and the Geek, each of us with our own little carton of ice cream, and I'm pretty excited. I almost never get that much ice cream all to myself. Then maybe we'll turn on the Saiyuki fighting game and beat some stuff up. We've actually never been depressed about being single on Valentine's Day, but it still sounds fun!

Today I'm thankful for getting back to Nosatsu Junkie, fun Valentine's plans, fun made-up scenarios (Athena suggested setting the Saiyuki game on computer vs. computer and being like, "They're fighting over me!" Because that would totally happen</sarcasm>), Ninja Warrior, and it being almost time for video games again!
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