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Simple pleasures

Today I woke up and I was angry with the world. I don't know why; I wonder if I dreamed something. It was probably good that I don't remember it, then. But then we got to work, and as soon as our Law of Ueki CD started playing, the anger just melted away. I love that CD♥

That CD seems to be winning. I love every song on it! Sometimes I have to wonder, though. Because one of the songs actually has a lyric that says, "Go!! to the hell!" and I'm not sure if it's very good to be always listening to a song that tells me to go to hell. And why does that character even have a song? He's so minor. Maybe it's because he's played by Ken Narita. The only reason I have any idea what he looks like is that there's a picture of him next to the lyrics.

Then there's Anon's song. It's so pretty and feels nice and uplifting, talking about how he used to be a slave to whatever but now he's broken free of that and he's going to go and accomplish his dream and yay! And then you remember that his dream is something along the lines of destroying the world and everything in it. Hm.

Still, it's very pretty!

Another simple pleasure is being able to identify a new voice actor. We were very happy that we were able to correctly identify a member of the Host Club in Nodame Cantabile. (I'm not saying who, because hopefully it'll raise curiosity about Nodame Cantabile, which I want people to watch.)

Speaking of Host Club voice actors, I wanted to talk about Daisuke Kirii. Because the first time we heard him, we were watching Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch. There was a teacher that Hanon fell in love with, and we were trying to guess who played him, and we were like, "He's like Daisuke Namikawa, or Daisuke Hirakawa, or someone. One of them Daisukes." And then he was Daisuke Kirii, whom we'd never heard of! But his name was still Daisuke, so we were right!

But more importantly, I have a question! When we translated Saiyuki 5 (non-Reload version) for the first time, Celeste was reading over our shoulders, and when she saw we were crediting speakers as "chick" and "guy," she's like, "They have names. You're just not reading it right." So we asked her if she was so smart what their names were, and she told us the girls' names were Kelly, Lisa, and Victoria (but she goes by Tori) (probably a subliminal reaction to our having watched inordinate amounts of "Saved by the Bell" that summer), and that the guy's name was Chasen. When we reformatted the translation for TokyoPop, we left the names in and added a note to the editor. We know that for volume one, they copied and pasted most of our notes and put them in an appendix type thing in the back. But later volumes didn't have so many notes, and we haven't looked at the English versions.

So our question is this: Did that note make it to the American release of Saiyuki 5?

Any answers would be greatly appreciated!

Today I'm thankful for Law of Songs!, being able to play Atelier Marie and see this one character's backstory in action, still having chocolate covered pretzels, Engrish lyrics, and Celeste being willing to go to Kinokuniya for us while she's in San Francisco. Dude, she made me talk to the lady on the phone to ask for the manga we wanted. That was really scary. We should have written something down. And done more research to see what we wanted and whether or not it's in stock in San Francisco. Ah well, call me Epimetheus.
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