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I haven't finished telling you about Kandora-sama...

It's February and the Twins sort of have money! You know what that means! It's time for us to spam our friends list with ramblings about all the cosplay we want to do at AX and why we may or may not actually carry it out!

Of course, number one on the list of cosplay we absolutely have to do is Hikaru & Kaoru from Host Club. (We're a little bit worried about the poses we may be asked to do, though.) After listening to Mata Ashita yesterday (well, actually, while listening), we thought it would be so awesome to have a whole Host Club to perform the song with at karaoke. (We were a little annoyed with ourselves at not being able to tell who's singing when, though. We should be better at voice recognition than that! But we'll work it out. We just need to watch more Host Club.)

Now, there were at least three sets of Hikaru & Kaoru at AX last year, so in order to be more original, we might decide to do the Cheshire cat costumes. That would be another awesome thing--having all the Haruhi in Wonderland costumes. Or all of every costume the Host Club ever wears. But in situations like that, you'd really want all your cosplayers to look like their characters. Not that we look anything like Hikaru & Kaoru, but at least we have the identical twin thing going for us. We're going to have to get wigs. Unless we go the Cheshire cat route, because the hair is less important.

The next thing we want to do is +ANIMA. That's another one where we want to draft people into a group, but it would still be fun to do by ourselves, since they usually split up when looking for work or something. The most likely draftees would probably be Celeste and, since he'll be back from his mission by then, Jonathan. We've discussed taking Celeste to AX (she's not feeling as right about going back to BYU as she had been a few weeks ago), and she wants to cosplay someone that everyone will want to take her picture of. Nana from +ANIMA probably wouldn't work for that.

What I thought would be fun, in order to build recognition of the characters, is enter the Masquerade with a skit that kind of introduces everybody, and then at the end say something like, "Oh, fine, we know what you all want. Bring out the dancing Naruto!" We'd probably get major points if somebody knitted all the knitted stuff Cooro wears.

The only other set that really seems likely is Kairi and Namine from Kingdom Hearts II. We especially want to do this because on the AX forums people are asking for them to get Miyano-kun(Riku) and/or Irino-kun(Sora) as Guests of Honor, and we'd want to dress as cute girls for them if they come. We could go the Disney princess route, too, but I'm not confident in my ball gown making skills. Plus, Athena's Disney princess is Ariel, and she's not a Princess of Heart (so lame). Of course, for Irino-kun, we have Risa and Riku.

Then of course there are the costumes that would be nice but seem like they'd never happen. Like, as we sit here listening to our new Law of Ueki CD, we still think an Ueki group would be awesome. And as we look at the Marie & Elie figure we have on our TV, we think it would be fun to cosplay them, since we love their costumes. That would add one more to the list of characters from things we translate, which would be a bonus. And in that vein, there's the possibility of cosplaying Shannon and Raquel from Scrapped Princess, and making Celeste Pacifica. I'm not sure I want to do that, because Scrapped Princess costumes have big shoulders, and that's scary. How many people would recognize a group like that, I wonder?

*looks at shelf* Ooh! We translate Elemental Gelade! That series is one of the ones where we watched the anime and it just screamed at us to cosplay it. But then we'd have to decide who would be who. Probably neither of us should be Kuea.

Changing the subject entirely, we need Law of Ueki icons. We did a short search for some and came up with nothing. It was very sad. If only we had some pictures to work with, we might be able to make our own. Too bad looking through pictures online is one of our most hated activities. Ah well.

'Kay, I'm done rambling now. Today I'm thankful for cute mailmen, having finally finished the translation notes for the book we were working on, manga serieses that don't require us to look up chemical equations and the like, pretty Ueki songs, and warmer weather.
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