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The Quest to Promote Gundam Seed

This is something we started as a thank you to our friends who are already Gundam Seed fans. See, there's this set of CDs called Gundam Seed Suit CDs. Each one has a song, a music track or two (or five, in the case of the fifth one), and a mini-drama. We went through each of the mini-dramas line by line and attempted to translate them, and we were at least mostly successful.

I'd actually been playing with the idea of posting one or two of them here so that people who haven't seen the series could get an idea of what Gundam Seed can be like, but now that we've determined that this is the best to post them for the people we had originally intended to show them to in the first place, I'm just going to post all of them. But not at the same time.

None of these have spoilers (well, there are little tiny things that the two of us might consider spoilers, but we're the anti-spoiler Nazis), because everything that's mentioned is stuff you find out soon after all the characters involved have been introduced. Or, in some cases, stuff that's not really explained in the series.

So now we present the drama from Suit CD 1: Strike & Kira Yamato. Just as a note, we used the original Japanese "Torii" instead of the English "Birdy" (or is it Birdie?), for no particular reason other than we're more used to the Japanese.

And without any further ado...

Athrun: Aaahh, c’mon, I said not there!
       What are you doing, Kira!?
When Athrun saw what I was doing, he yelled at me and reached out to take my project.
Kira: *sigh*
Athrun always yells at me, and he always gets mad right away, so I’ve gotten used to it, but today he gets mad even faster, and is very irritable, so I’m sick of it.
Athrun: I told you, 280-E connects to 589-G!
       See, look at the diagram.
He can show me the computer screen, but I’ve seen it a million times; I can’t help it if I still mess up.
Kira: I don’t understand this stuff.
Even as I complained, I forced myself to look at the screen, but it's so complicated and mixed up; I don’t even want to look at it anymore.
Athrun: It’s not that you don’t understand
       You understand; you just won’t do it.
       It’s always the same.
Bingo…maybe. It’s just so much work! But I know that if I said that, he’d be ten times worse, so I won’t. Well, I was the one who asked for his help.
Athrun: Hurry and fix that; then the left side will be done.
Kira: Yeah.

Athrun’s really good at detailed stuff like that. He likes it. If I said that, I know he’d say he doesn’t, but if he didn’t like it, there’s no way he could make such mixed-up, detailed, tiny things. Of all the assignments at school, these micro-units are what I hate the most. “Why do we have to do this!?” I’d think, and put it off, but before I know it, it’s time to turn it in, and the teacher tells me I have three more days, but I didn’t work on it at all in two weeks—how am I supposed to get it done in three days? No, I know it’s my fault. So in the end, my last resort is to go to my childhood friend, the best in our grade at this assignment, Athrun Zala-kun, and ask for help.

* * *

Athrun: You haven’t done it?
       You haven’t done anything? At all?
Kira: …no…
Athrun: Augh!
       What have you been doing!?
Kira: Um, well, I told you… nothing…
Athrun: Don’t you correct me!
Kira: Sorry.

He yells at me like that for a while, but he still comes and helps me out. No, I figured he’d yell at me. Athrun knows I hate this stuff, so when we got the assignment, and afterwards, he’d keep asking, “Kira, are you working on it?” But if I told him I wasn’t, Athrun would start yelling, so I’d just kinda say, “Yeah, I’m doing it.” But getting Athrun’s help is bad! “No, that’s wrong!” “Not like that!” “Next do this!” Well, in the end, it’s the same, but it’s three times better this way.

* * *

Kira: Athrun, I bet you could write words on rice.
Athrun: Huh? What?
Kira: You know, rice.
       It’s a plant, and we use it for food…
Athrun: Yeah, I know what rice is.
       I do eat it, after all.
       So what about rice?
Kira: Words.
Athrun: Huh?
Kira: You know, they write words on rice.
       It’s so small, but they get a whole sentence.
       There are people who do that.
Athrun: Kira.
       I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Kira: Well, it seems like something you’d do, Athrun,
       So I thought you probably could.
       Write on rice.
Athrun: Why?
Kira: Eh? Just…cuz…
Athrun: Is there some significance in the writing?
Kira: I dunno
Athrun: *sigh* Kira…
*beep beep beep*
Mrs. Yamato: Kira, Athrun-kun, it’s time for dinner!
Kira: Ah! Coming!
Athrun: Thank you!
Kira: Alright! And we just finished the left side!
Athrun: You mean we only finished the left side.
Kira: What?
Athrun: At your pace, this is going to take forever.

* * *

News: According to this announcement, (news about PLANT and stuff)
Kira: Ahhh, I’m starving!
Mrs. Yamato: Here, put this on the table.
Kira: Can I change the channel?
Athrun: You mean this?
Mrs. Yamato: Yes, thank you.
Athrun: Anything else?
       Oh, this too, right?
Mrs. Yamato: Yes.
       Kira, you come help too.
Kira: Coming!
Mrs. Yamato: TV off!
Kira: Aww, I was watching that!
Mrs. Yamato: We turn it off when we’re eating.
Athrun: There’s no interesting news on today anyway.
Kira: There's the Jupiter probe satellite…
Athrun: You’re still watching that?
Kira: What? I think it’s interesting!
Athrun: Why?
Mrs. Yamato: Mmm. Here, Athrun-kun, help yourself.
Athrun: Thanks.
       Ah! It’s rolled cabbage!
Mrs. Yamato: *laugh* You said you liked it, so I got carried away and made it again.
Athrun: Oh! Thank you so much!
       I was thinking about how I’d like to have some again!
Mrs. Yamato: Then I’m glad I made it.
       I got a lot of cabbage from your mother.
Kira: Itadakimasu!
Athrun: Mom’s really into growing cabbage these days.

Athrun’s mother works for the government doing agricultural experiments. I don’t see her that much, but she’s really pretty and smart. His father lives on PLANT. It’s been that way since I can remember, so since our mothers are good friends, we’ve been practically raised together since we were very small. Since Athrun’s mother is a scientist and there are lots of times when she’s not at home, Athrun will come to my house when she’s gone. So it’s like we’re relatives, or brothers maybe? But in that case, I should be the older brother! I was born in May, and Athrun was born in October.

Mrs. Yamato: There’s plenty, so eat as much as you want.
Athrun: Yes, ma’am.
Since I’m a Coordinator, apparently if there’s something Mom doesn’t understand or that bothers her, she’ll talk to Athrun’s mother about it. Because I’m the only Coordinator in my family.
Mrs. Yamato: How is Kira’s homework coming along?
       Does it look like it’ll work out?
She says. Why doesn’t she ask me?
Athrun: Yes, well, it’ll work out.
       I mean, we have to make it work out.
Does he have to say it like that? What, is he my tutor or something? Well, I guess he is, kind of, so I won’t say anything. If I said anything, they’d both get on my case.
Mrs. Yamato: And, Kira, you always end up turning to Athrun-kun for help.
       You need to shape up and do things right.
Kira: Not always!
       I’m faster at programming!
Athrun: *laugh* That’s true.
       But you have a crazy way of putting things together.
Mrs. Yamato: What? Just faster?

I want to say, “It’s not like that!” but it wouldn’t help. She wouldn’t get it anyway, and in any case, Athrun can do anything, so since Mom doesn’t know any other kids, she wouldn’t understand.
In my family, my Dad and my Mom are Naturals, so they’re normal people who haven’t been genetically engineered. But Athrun’s parents are both Coordinators. That makes him one of the second-generation Coordinators, and I guess they really might be smarter than us first-generation Coordinators. But Athrun’s even the smartest of them! You can’t compare me with him.

Kira: Oh yeah, Jordy says he’s moving.
Athrun: Eh?
Kira: He said it yesterday.
Mrs. Yamato: Oh, my.
Athrun: To PLANT?
Kira: Probably.
Mrs. Yamato: A lot of people are moving these days.
Kira: He’s the third one in my class.
       Do you think there’ll really be a war?
Athrun: I doubt it, but…

War. There have been rumors about it going around, and a lot of families are starting to move away from the Moon because things are looking dangerous. I think that if there is a war between Earth and PLANT, like they’re saying, it would be dangerous moving to PLANT, too. But there’s an Earth base on the Moon, so maybe that’s why. I wonder if we’ll be moving soon, too. What about Athrun?

Athrun: Thank you for the meal.
Kira: Thanks.
Mrs. Yamato: You’re welcome. If you’re not done yet, then work hard!
Kira: Yes, Mom.
I say, like it would make a difference.

* * *

Kira: When’s your mom coming home tonight?
Athrun: I think around ten.
Kira: Then, we have until then, right, Athrun?
Athrun: Yeah…
Kira: Okay then,
       You wanna play video games—just for a little
Athrun: What?
       Who’s homework do you think we’re working on!?
Kira: It’s okay, it’s okay!
       Just for a little! Just one round!
Athrun: If we play, then I’ll end up having to pay for it, so
Kira: It’s okay! I’ll do my homework!
Athrun: You’ll just lose anyway.
Kira: Today I’ll win!
       I found a new cheat code.
Athrun: Kira!
       That’s what you did instead of working on your assignment!?
Kira: Hahaha!
Athrun: Don’t “hahaha” me!
Kira: Heheh. It’s okay.
       Okay! Let’s see… Okay, here we go!
Athrun: Ugh.
       And where’s the fun in winning with a cheat code?

With all the rumors and the news and everything, things didn’t look good, and I guess we were a little worried, but neither of us had any sense of the reality that there might be a war. We just kept going to class, doing our assignments, and then playing, like always. We just spent our days like that. Even though the number of empty seats in class gradually began to stand out.

* * *

Athrun: Wait a second…
       What did you just say?
Kira: Eh? I said a bird.
Athrun: A bird!?
Kira: Yup.
       About this big,
       That perches on your hand or your shoulder
       And it’d tilt its head like this, and chirp.
Athrun: Don’t tell me…
       It’d fly?
Kira: Of course it’d fly! It’s a bird.
Athrun: “Of course it would fly”?
       What are you thinking!?
       Kira, are you serious?
Kira: Eh? Bad idea?
       But I think it would be cute.
Athrun: It probably would be cute, but
       Do you really think you could make something like that?
Kira: Mm, I guess it would be kinda hard.
Athrun: You think!?
       Making it tilt its head, chirp, perch on your shoulder and fly!?
Kira: Yeah.
Athrun: That wouldn’t even be easy for me!
       You can’t stand micro-units. You think you could make that in two weeks?
Kira: Uh…
Athrun: Kira…
       It’s an assignment; all you have to do is fulfill the requirements.
       Make it something simpler.
Kira: Mmm…

Even with the coming of spring, life didn’t change much. As usual, I’m tormented by my micro-unit assignments, and Athrun’s tormented by me, and is mad all the time. Athrun really is just always mad at me. He’s not like that with anyone else. Like, the girls apparently all think Athrun’s all reserved and cool because he doesn’t talk much, but he’s actually really noisy.

Athrun: Don’t think I’ll help you this time.
Kira: !!
       I know!

Athrun always says that. And I always answer like that. But in the end, he helps me. That’s always been the pattern. So I thought it would always be like that, but…

* * *

Kira: Eh!? Athrun’s family too!?
Mrs. Yamato: Yes. I saw his mother today, and she told me.
Kira: Why?
Mrs. Yamato: She says that his father at PLANT is worried, and has been telling them to join him for a long time.
       They kept putting off because she had work,
       But she’s done with that now.
Kira: No…
Mrs. Yamato: You’ll miss him, won’t you, Kira?
       You were always with Athrun-kun.
Kira: Athrun…
Mrs. Yamato: I wonder if we’ll have to seriously consider moving soon…

No matter how close we were, or how much we were raised like brothers, Athrun and I are in different families. If one of us moves, then we’re separated; that’s how it is. That’s how it is. But for some reason it never really occurred to me.

* * *

Athrun: Kira.
Kira: Athrun.
Pink flowers. Sakura, maybe? When the wind blew, the flower petals would fly around and land on Athrun’s hair and shoulders.
Athrun: Here.
He said, holding out his hand. It held a small green robot bird.
Kira: Athrun!
Athrun: It tilts its head, chirps, perches on your shoulder,
       And flies.
Athrun told me, smiling, when I looked at him, surprised. When I absently held out my hand, it jumped onto it.
Torii: Torii
Athrun: There won’t really be a war
       Between PLANT and Earth.
I’m sure I looked like I was about to cry.
Athrun: I don’t think we really need to evacuate.
I guess he wanted to stop me somehow. Athrun smiled the whole time, as if he was trying to comfort me.
Athrun: You’ll probably be coming to PLANT soon too, right, Kira?
Kira: Yeah.
When I said that, I really felt like I was going to cry. But I thought I would go to PLANT. I had to. Because Athrun and I were always together!
Torii: Torii?

I didn’t know what destiny would have in store us three years later.

It would probably be appropriate here to start playing "Anna ni Issho Datta Noni," but it's not the same if I just type out the lyrics.
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