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I'm torn between icons.

We are so listening to the Host Club soundtrack right now. I don't normally use smilies, but the only appropriate way to express how that makes me feel is

Tamaki's song is called Guilty Beauty Love. How perfect is that!? Too perfect, that's how. We so want to post a translation of it, but then again for all we know there are translations all over the net, and this is way old news. So if you want to see a translation of it because you haven't, let us know so we can post it. Because it's hilarious. And awesome. And too perfect. Favorite. Song. Ever.

When the CD first came out, Mamoru Miyano (voice of Tamaki) posted about it on his web log, because he was very excited, too. He said he sounded just like Gackt. We actually haven't heard Gackt (I'm sorry! Don't throw rocks at us!), so we couldn't say whether he does or not, but he does sound very good. Tamaki=♥

Honey's song sounds like Honey on caffeine. It's kind of scary, but very very cute. And Mori...has a song. How weird is that? He never, ever talks, but he has a song! And when we listen to it, if we pretend he's singing to us, it's the sweetest song ever, but then we realize he's very likely singing to Honey, so we're like, "Stop being gay."

The guy who wrote the music for Host Club was in charge of the music for Dirge of Cerberus. We may need to get that now. I love this music, because it's all classical and stuff, but it's anime! It's the best! But then, on the other hand, I'm a little torn, because I want it to hurry up and end so we can put in the next CD, which has Hikaru, Kaoru, and Kyoya's songs.

We also listened to the Eyeshield21 CD that we got. It's full of crazy remixes! Okay, so two. The team songs. Midnight Sunshine's remix sounds like a mix of Paranoia from DDR. That's scary. It's also really scary to think of Sakuraba in his new image singing his song. Bwahahahahahaha!

It's kind of interesting to me that Miyano-kun has a higher singing voice than Irino-kun. Also, Miyu Irino(Sena)'s singing voice sounds almost exactly the same as Kappei Yamaguchi(Monta)'s. Or at least it does right now. It's possible in a few months we'll listen to the songs and be like, "What were we thinking!? They sound nothing alike!" The really interesting thing is that we're able to tell them apart because Irino-kun (wow, he'll be nineteen in like a week) sounds more confident than Yamaguchi-san (whose been a seiyuu for like decades).

Sena's song "Thanks" is very pretty and I like it a lot. It almost made us cry! *sniffle*

Today I'm thankful for getting new CDs, classical anime soundtracks, Tamaki's awesome image song, the most talking you'll get out of Mori ever, and still having a lot more new CD-ness to listen to.
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