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Our original plans today were to watch some episodes of anime and then see if we could spend the rest of the day playing video games, maybe get it out of our system so we could work properly on Monday. Unfortunately, there were Other Plans.

I woke up at 9:30 to the phone ringing off the hook. Normally, I would have jumped out of bed and answered it, but both cats were on top of me, and Oreo's hard enough to push off when I'm fully awake. The ringing hadn't woken Athena yet, and Celeste had decided she was too comfortable to answer it herself. I figured it would stop eventually, but it just wouldn't. Finally Athena woke up and went to answer the phone, but as soon as she picked it up, the other person hung up.

That's when Celeste's cell phone started ringing.

Mom was out running errands with Kimee, and figured that while they were at it, they could drop off their old phone, which they wanted us to have because it has a built in answering machine, which we obviously need. Apparently they were already at our apartment when Mom called, and Celeste told them that none of us was going to go downstairs to pick it up, so they came up. The knocking on the door was enough to get Oreo off me, as he was looking for the nearest entrance to his hiding place (under the covers). So we let them in, they gave us the phone, and then Mom invited us to breakfast at MacDonald's. I'd been wanting a hot fudge sundae from there for a long time, so we agreed to go, but alas, I got no sundae. Load.

But before we set out, we showed Mom our Zizzlingers, so it was decided that we would go to Target and pick up a package for everybody. While we were there, we also found some really neat legless chairs for only $20, so we picked up a pair, as they are ideal for playing video games. Plus, with just the loveseat for furniture in our living room, having the chairs will make it much easier for all three of us to hang out and bond and stuff in the living room. And! we got a couple of DVDs for $5.50 each. So all in all, it was a good trip, but it kept us away from our games for a very long time, and now we're thinking we'll skip the anime part of the day.

And here I was planning to make an entry about finally getting to play the Saiyuki fighting game. Perhaps tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for fuzzy new chair-type things, getting new Zizzlingers (though the experience has taught us that somehow, it's just not as fun to get a bunch at once; it's nicer to get them a few at a time--a lesson I am grateful to have learned), still having plenty of time for video games, getting shipping confirmation from CD Japan, and answering machines.

Incidentally, we need to come up with a message for our answering machine, so if anyone has any fun ideas, please share!
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