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Brain no worky

Our editor from Del Rey sent us an e-mail with some questions about volume 2 of the series we're working on for them, and it had a nice compliment about our translation. We weren't quite sure what to think of it, though, because we had been working on volume 4 before we got it, and during the whole translation, we're thinking, "Why can't we get this translation to work!?" And when we went back to it, it didn't get any better. Seriously, like half the translation is high-lighted so we can go fix it when we feel like our brains are working better. See, the first time through (especially now when we're anxious to play our shiny new video games) is sometimes like a race--we just want to make sure we can get through it (this is because we're interested in the story and want to know what happens next). Then we go through again and fix everything that sucked during the first time through, and take the time to Google stuff and whatnot. That's actually a problem right now, though, because the hi-lite feature in OpenOffice Writer doesn't seem to like me.

Also, Kingdom Hearts magic didn't work today, which is how we know we're having a hard time with a translation. This week has been bad for thinking, though, as indicated by the fact that Dr. Kawashima keeps telling me to not to worry, just try again tomorrow, as I've been doing poorly on all the Brain Age exercises this week. Or maybe it was just yesterday.

And on top of all that, Steve keeps asking us if we want to do stuff for him, like keep score at his son's Little League games, or attend a Family Home Evening on how to balance a checkbook. We're really not sure why he keeps asking us to do stuff we can't understand how he'd think we'd have the slightest interest in, and yet, he does. And we're saps, so we can't just say no. We have to say, "We'll think about it," which to someone like Steve is actually not a, "I really don't want to but I'll say I'll think about it because I feel bad rejecting people," but more of a, "I'm going to say yes, but I'm just not ready to yet."

I think the FHE thing is just not going to happen (does he think the reason we were so poor last year is that we don't balance our checkbook and kept spending more than we had?), but the Little League thing comes with a promise of free food on a regular basis. Still, the more I think about it, the less appealing it sounds. When they first asked us if we'd do it, Mom tried to convince us by pointing out that it's a lot easier to sit through baseball games if you're keeping score, to which our obvious response was, "Yes, and it's even easier if you're not there at all." That may or may not have had something to do with Steve seeming a little over-sensitive to our less-than-favorable comments about sports during the holidays.

Changing the subject back to translating, I have to figure out how to get vowels with just the ^ thing over them, and no other little extra bits, like dots underneath them or things like that. It wouldn't be a problem at all (we could just use the - over them), except that we used the ^ in the first three volumes, and Del Rey doesn't care which you use as long as you're consistent. Not to mention that they're prettier.

Today I'm thankful for compliments from editors, little ^ thingies over vowels, weekends, clean towels, and baby chicks.
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