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Can't talk, time for video games. what I want to say, but I actually have some other stuff to say, which I'm afraid won't get said unless I make a decent post today. Mainly, thanks again to all the people who suggested we get OpenOffice! We were telling Celeste about our Office problems yesterday, and we didn't even get to start telling her what we did before she said, "You go to" I feel so ignorant. Ah well. She claims it's that she's a computer geek, but I think it's more that she used to hang out with computer geeks.

It's actually kind of driving us a little crazy at the moment, but we're still adjusting. In fact, we may have figured out how to solve all the issues we're having with it by now if we weren't in such a rush to fill today's page translation quota so we could get to video games. Ironically, if we'd bothered to solve the issues, we may have had an easier time adjusting to the new software and gotten our page quota finished that much sooner. Ah well.

My biggest problem with it is that I always used Word with Normal view, and that doesn't seem to be an option for OpenOffice Writer (unless somebody knows something I don't?). It makes me very sad. Also, we had to turn off the auto-correct function as a quick fix to get it to stop auto-formatting things the wrong way every time I hit enter. (Del Rey has a very specific format they like to use.) So now we have to keep a careful eye on everything to make sure I don't make any typos. The hardest part for me is that I have a bad habit of holding down the shift key too long, so we get a lot of THis kind of thing. But I'm sure we'll get used to things and it'll all work out.

We got our PS3 yesterday, and it is indeed very Shiny. Literally, even. Very reflective. It's pretty awesome. They had like a million different languages you could set it up in. The scholars in us said we should go with Japanese or we were cowards, but the people who didn't want to accidentally destroy their PS3 because of misunderstanding a kanji or something decided to go with English. It was really nice, actually, because I was terrified that we wouldn't be able to figure out how to work it at all because of our lack of technical Japanese skills.

And! Play Asia sent our video game with some complimentary strawberry candy! It makes me want to buy more video games from them. Maybe when we're rich.

And now, Ruven is waiting for us to make that stuff for him (burning sand? (dude, you translate this series! Make up a name!)) and we don't even know how! Aaaaaahhhh! Athena says we need the red chuuwazai, but we can't make the red chuuwazai without kanone-ishis, and we don't know where to get those, probably in the mountains, but we can't go there because the dragons keep killing us into itty bitty pieces! Only not really because when you die, you just get sent back to the workshop, all in one piece. Except for your HP. So far, we've found no inn equivalent in this game. Fortunately, potions are only ten silver.

Today I'm thankful for actually being able to make our page quota, our PS3 getting here, complimentary strawberry candy, computer savvy people with helpful tips, and pretty figures that come with limited editions.
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