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Involuntary hiatus

We knew it was coming, but we just kept hoping it would forget. Our MS Office 2003 trial expired today, so now we're stuck not working until we enter the product code. Our original plan was to just get MS Word from our old computer, but we seem to have accidentally killed it (for which we are truly sorry, old computer!). Also, we'd probably still need a product code.

So now we have three options. We can go buy the software online for like $240, which really seems like a ridiculous amount of money, but considering that we'd then be using the software for work, thus making thousands of dollars off of it, I guess it's not so bad. Also, it's tax deductible.

We can also say, "Hey, Celeste is a teacher!" and buy the Student and Teacher edition for $150, but I don't think Celeste would be using any of the MS Office programs for work.

And our third option is to call Mom, who has already told us she has an unopened version of MS Office 2003, because she got it when she either got her computer fixed or got a new one (that part was really fuzzy) and the guys probably installed it from a disc they already had (or something like that), and get the product code from her, thus not paying anything. But that's sort of cheating, we think. Not that Bill Gates needs our money, and I remember reading somewhere that Microsoft gets most of their money from selling software to actual offices and stuff, but render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's and all that stuff.

So while we stew over this and try to figure out what we're going to do, we're updating LJ, and then we'll probably watch some anime. Also, according to the package tracking information, the PS3 we ordered is in Fresno and out for delivery, so we should be getting it sometime today! EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

Today I'm thankful for package tracking, UPS working really really fast, having a newly clean living room in which to play with our new toys (another thing we did while thinking about out MS Word dilemma), vacuum cleaners, and having enough room in our schedule to allow for taking time off work because of trial expirations.
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