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Today has not been a good day for translating important dramatic expositioning bits of manga.

We finally managed to pay for our PS3 order! Yay! But it was a little traumatic, because we traumatize easily. There were complicated payment issues. We managed to work them out, but while we were waiting for that to happen, we were trying to distract ourselves with work. It was a while before we were sufficiently distracted, and then we were contacted about the payment stuff, so we were counter-distracted. But it was important plot stuff we were working on, so that was pretty bad.

And! I don't know if it's because of the trauma or what, but I have not been able to type properly all day! I cannot even tell you how many times I had to go back and correct my typing of "Igneous." He never was my favorite character.

So hopefully we'll get our order by the end of the week. In the meantime, it's time for destressing.

Today I'm thankful for having gotten three new Zizzlinger figures (now we have Esmeralda, Ariel in her wedding dress, and Aurora as Briar Rose), having completed our PS3 order, friendly bank people, comfort foods, and comfort video games.
Tags: ps3 quest, stress, tender mercies, zizzlingers

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