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Kingdom Hearts day!

Or maybe not, but I am very excited about playing Kingdom Hearts today. Something about getting new video games that makes you that much more motivated to finish the ones you're in the middle of. But KH is our Sunday game, so really it's probably not affected. But! Athena made a shiny new Gummi Ship last week (and it really is shiny--shiny paint and everything) that looks like it'll be a big help in getting a lot of those Gummi treasures we're missing. It's named Akatsuki, like the very shiny gold-covered Gundam in Gundam Seed Destiny.

All our eventful stuff happened yesterday, so I don't have anything to talk about. Oh! Except that the ward librarian for the ward that meets after ours is like Super Librarian! There's this small filing cabinet where we keep the microphone for the Primary, and it's very important because all the Primaries use it every week. Only this week, for some reason, the cabinet was locked, and nobody could get into it, because there was only one key, and nobody knew who had it, except the person who had it, if such a person exists.

So this librarian found out about it, because he somehow knows everything that's going on in the library, and he brought an ice pick to the library to try to pick the lock. It actually kind of reminded me of that line in Saiyuki Reload 6 (which I keep forgetting to mention came out (English version) a few weeks ago). Only this guy actually didn't know anything about lock-picking so he had to improvise. But while he was doing it, he was telling us about this one company who made locks and this and that. It was interesting. And eventually he succeeded in opening the lock, but he broke the mechanism that locks it, so now the cabinet will never be locked again. But that's actually a good thing, because now no one can keep the Primary microphone from the poor children...

Though now the thought just occurred to me that some cunning child locked the cabinet and took the key in the hopes of not having to give his or her talk. That would have been very clever, but not very right, nor clever enough. Sucker.

And now I'm wondering if it would ruin that conclusion to say that I don't really think the kid's a sucker, I just thought it was the best way to conclude that paragraph. And you shouldn't try to get out of talks like that. Not that it's fair of me to say, because when we're asked to give talks, we almost always refuse. We're just not comfortable with public speaking, though we are willing to perform special musical numbers. Last time we were asked to give talks, we said we'd really rather not, and the member of the bishopric just said, "Well, that's alright. I just thought I'd ask." That was kind of strange, because usually they try to guilt us into it.

Celeste, on the other hand, has been asked to give a talk on marriage on the Sunday before Valentine's Day. She thinks it's hilarious, in that, "You've got to be kidding me!" sort of way, but we have to not laugh at her, because otherwise it'll come around to get us later on. Her other options for speaking were dating and families. Eheh.

And I can't get that song out of my head!!! Are we bad people for not liking EFY songs? Our Relief Society is singing one at ward conference next week (for the Priesthood, I guess?) and all three of us here have been annoyed that we couldn't get it out of our heads after rehearsing it today. We tried to get it out with our Japanese Primary CD, but it's very persistent.

Today I'm thankful Celeste being nice enough to drive us places, reading good uplifting LJ entries on our friends list, the beautiful weather outside, Japanese Primary song CDs, and shiny new Gummi Ships.
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