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Any day now...

Today is one of those days where, for no good reason, I feel like everybody hates us. I think it's along the lines of irrational fears as described in A Series of Unfortunate Events.

So we ignored that and tried to be productive, in the hopes that being responsible would lead to finally getting a check in the mail. (Seriously, there's this one check that's been "coming any day now" for a month.) We're not in any trouble just yet, but we've been counting on this check to finally buy shiny toys, like anime CDs and Japanese PS3s (Celeste is paying for that one, but we figure it would be silly to make her give us a check and take us to the bank, because we're getting a check any day now, and would have to go again soon thereafter). Today we learned that the Japanese term for how we're feeling right now is "modokashii," a feeling of impatience and irritation.

But alas, no check today. Our boss at Del Rey said that it should be sent in a few days about a week ago, so really, it should be coming soon. We even finally took our Christmas tree out! (Yeah, yeah, a month late, we know.)

Fortunately, there is some... maybe? good news! Either that or Miyano-kun is playing a terrible, terrible joke.

In a recent blog entry, he explained said that "today's picture is a two-shot of me and Daisuke Kirii (Mori-sempai). Nn...? That means.........?" That was how he said it too, with "Mori-sempai" in parentheses (only he added star marks. I don't know how to do that). So why, we wonder, would the guy who plays Tamaki in Host Club specifically ask what a picture of him and another voice actor, whom he specifically points out to be in Host Club with him, would mean? Hmmm... HMMMM......

But then again, for all we know, it means that he and Kirii-san are really good friends and like hanging out. Time will tell. Unless it's already told and we're missing something, which would suck. But we did check our sources, and we got nothing, so hopefully it's not super-obvious to everybody but us. That would make us sad.

Incidentally, Kirii-san is surprisingly small for being the voice of Mori. Maybe it's just an illusion caused by Miyano-kun being so tall.

And today we're thankful for having quarters with which to do laundry, having extra space in the living room from finally taking the Christmas tree out (it's so bright in there now!), figuring out how to add star marks☆ (I would have added them to the quote earlier, but then I didn't think it would be as funny), the cute little Valentine's cards that came with the Disney Movie Club catalog this month, and learning new vocabulary.
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