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We're covered in kitties!!!

Mimsy has been trying to get in our way all day! And now that we're done working, she's sitting on my lap, where she watched Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight with us, and then I guess Oreo was feeling left out, because now he's in here and on Athena's lap. Poor guy doesn't get to sit on anybody's lap while we're working because he's so big and we're so skinny. One of these days, we'll get a nice big office chair or two so even if he doesn't fit on a lap, he can still fit on the chair.

So yeah, we're back to work today. We probably would have been, even if our boss's e-mail hadn't slightly guilted us into it. We're just that much of workaholics, I guess. Fortunately, things are going fairly quickly, so we're not too worried about our taking a day off causing any problems.

Aww, and now Oreo's on the floor. (Don't worry; he jumped there. Still kind of sad though.)

And! I'm torn!
We've always had a strange opinion of Kenichi Suzumura, because the first time we heard him (Yuya in Gals!), we liked him a lot (especially after we found out he was Keiji in the DN Angel CD dramas). But then he played a lot of angsty boys, and a lot of characters that we're like, "Dude, you're in everything, give somebody else a chance!" And then he played Shinn in Gundam Seed Destiny. So whenever we heard him in stuff, we'd either be like, "Ugh, not him again" (like when he was Toki in Bus Gamer) or, "Oh yay!" (like with Zack in Advent Children) depending on what character it was. There may have been a little bitterness added because when we first translate Kakeru in Fruits Basket, we thought Soichiro Hoshi♥ would be perfect for him, and then he was played by Suzumura-san in the CD drama, and of course, he hasn't been animated.

But then he was Hikaru in Host Club and all was forgiven.

Until now. I was reading volume 2 of Host Club last night (while Athena was reading the CMX series), and I got to the chat column where Hatori-sensei talks about the CD drama. And found out that originally, Hoshi-san was Hikaru! Augh! Suzumura-san is just stealing Hoshi-san characters left and right! (Or so I have arbitrarily decided.)

Ah well. In other news, apparently Kazuya Minekura has dubbed the singing unit consisting of Toshihiko Seki, Soichiro Hoshi, and Hiroaki Hirata "-8 (minus eight)". We read about it yesterday and didn't realize until today what it means, but it is hilarious!

Today I'm thankful for kitty coverings, having Cocoa Pebbles, mail carriers, Baked! Ruffles tasting better (in our opinions) that fried Ruffles, and the return of Oreo.
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