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It's a mad mad mad mad world

We've been working as mediators between Celeste and Mom trying to make sure Celeste can make it safely to Provo after she gets back from China, because she's going to transfer to BYU Provo. I don't think this would be a problem for anyone, except that Celeste, to save on housing, is going to live with Grandma Nibley. This automatically makes it a huge problem for Mom, who hates all Nibleys with every fiber of her being, which is probably why we've been having such a hard time making sure she's listening and stuff.

So on Sunday, as per Celeste's instructions, we told Mom that Celeste wanted to fly to Provo from Fresno (Athena and I ended up making sure Celeste gets to Fresno from LA; fortunately, we have a very nice Relief Society president who would enjoy a trip to Disneyland) on the 25th. Mom confirmed that it was the 25th Celeste wanted, and the conversation ended. Celeste emailed Mom to try to get some more information out of her, and in response got an email from Travelocity giving her her itinerary.

And that's where things get weird. For some reason, the itinerary says that she will be flying back to Fresno from Provo on July 30th. The first question that comes to mind is, "What the!?" And then you think, "What is she smoking that makes her think Celeste is actually going to come back?" and, "If she won't even do this girl the favor of sending an email herself, why the heck does she want Celeste back in Fresno?" and various other things along those lines.

And then the Twins remember, "Wait a minute! We love Celeste, but we can't really afford to keep her here. Especially if we're going to Japan sometime soon after that!" So we come up with all these questions to ask Mom, like, "So I hear you're buying Celeste a car? I mean, she'd need to get work if she's living here, and she'd have to be able to get around." and, "So you're going to help pay our rent now?" and various things like that.

Of course, the obvious solution to this problem is for Celeste to just not get on the return flight. But we're really curious to know what on earth Mom's been thinking, even though chances are it's a mix of control-freak and wanting to take everything away from Grandma, who, to Mom, is the source of all evil. Still, I want to confront her. But I'd probably just get a bunch of BS. It's sad how little people seem to value the truth these days.
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