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Today is one of those days where we just feel isolated from the world. I mean, we're actually pretty isolated every day, but some days you feel it more than others.

We're taking things a little slow, and getting caught up on anime again instead of getting back to work, even though we do kind of want to get all our translations in really super fast. But we want to buy some time to get a PS3 for the one manga. And we have sort of been working, since we need to read the CMX series so we can get a summary in. It'll probably be good to be more familiar with the content, because this series takes forever and a day to translate one book. (Maybe forever and three days, Athena adds.)

Heroes is back. I'm still not quite sure why I keep talking about that show. Did I mention we like to listen to the Japanese and correct it to sound more like natural Japanese because we're intellectual snobs? We could be very wrong for all we know, but Ando especially sounds a little funny when he talks, and he's not played by a Japanese guy. What I want to do is get our Japanese pen pal to watch it and ask him what he thinks of the Japanese.


That M is for Mimsy, because that's where she stepped on the keyboard while I stopped typing. I'm actually a little surprised that's all she got. Such a smart kitty, knowing the first letter in her name! I'm sure it has nothing to do with the M being close to the bottom of the keyboard and therefore closer to where Mimsy has room to walk.

Today I'm thankful for caramel popcorn with chocolate drizzle (now if only we had some...), the word "excavate," manga reading time, kitties typing their initials, and mysteries solved.
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