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The Sonyquest continues!

Sort of. Thanks to a very helpful tip from baranoneko, we learned that we need to get a Japanese PS3, or we still won't be able to play Japanese PS2 games. This isn't a problem, because, as it turn out, Japanese PS3s actually cost the same as American ones (which incidentally is $500 for the 20G model, $600 for the 60G model). Now our only problem is that Celeste's card can't be verified, and we can't get her to be responsive about what's going on. We don't know if she's not responsive because she's so into her new Castlevania DS game or if she's so into her Castlevania DS game because she doesn't want to be responsive. Oh well, we'll get it figured out eventually.

In the meantime, work still goes on. But hopefully not too quickly, because we want to get that one game before we translate the manga, and once we turn in Fruits Basket tomorrow, there will only be two books left before we get to it. At any rate, since some people have shown interest, here are our thoughts on Fruits Basket 18!

Now, before I go on, obviously if you're reading this, you've read FB 18 or later, or you don't care about spoilers. If you're a member of the former group, please remember that Fruits Basket 18 ends with Isuzu at Kazuma's house after her ordeal with Akito, and Tohru overhearing her conversation with Shigure about how the curse will break eventually. If you want to comment, please forget anything that happens after that before you do so.

It was a little tough getting into this book, because we'd just come off of the Shiny New Thing, which is one of our Favorite Things Ever, and whenever dealing with any of our Favorite Things Ever, it's hard to get into anything else, even if it's another Favorite Thing Ever. It didn't help that the Shiny New Thing only took a day to translate, and Fruits Basket inevitably takes about three times as long.

Then it was about Yuki and Machi. I love Yuki and Machi, and I think they're adorable when they're together (it was so cute when he broke the chalk for her!) but for some reason whenever we're translating them I have a hard time wanting to translate anymore. I'm really not sure why that is, because then I go back and see the scenes with them and I'm like, "Wow, that was a great scene!" Maybe because it seems kind of like subplot and not really like plot plot. It didn't help that when the chapter ended, there was a filler sketch with Kyo saying how scary it was that he and Tohru were hardly in this volume.

And then Motoko got her feelings all resolved, and we were happy for her, but I get the same feeling translating her as I do Machi, only worse. I wonder if it's because I can relate to Motoko so well, and she's like all my Evil Fangirl tendencies.

Then we finally got to the actual plot stuff. Tadah! Of course we don't see what happened when Hiro held Hinata. Man, with a name like Hinata...

I'm so proud of Hatsuharu for standing up to Akito! It kind of figures that he would be the first. And we love Kureno because he has a conscience and stuff. He's totally awesome. But after Hatsuharu said all that stuff to himself about how he knew that Isuzu would go through hell if Akito found out and he himself would probably not be so bad off, I was like, "Aww, you're so sweet, you STUPID JERKFACE!!" But he redeemed himself, so it's okay. And it was all thanks to Kureno. Kureno rocks.

We kind of knew all the stuff that would go on with Isuzu because we happened to run into some minor spoilers, and from that we figured out just about everything, which is why we're so anti any kind of spoiler. There were some surprises, but yeah. After what Hatsuharu said, it made me a little sad that she would go through all that for him, but we talked about it some and Athena pointed out that she wanted someone who would want her that badly, and we know what that's like. It just goes to show how much Akito and Ren make life suck for everybody. Whee.

I almost cried when Isuzu woke up and Hatsuharu was really there. And even though I cry easily, that's saying a lot, because it's harder to be moved to tears when you have to stop and translate every line.

We could speculate on what Shigure had to say about the curse, but now that the series is over and people actually know, we're not going to.

I don't know if that was a satisfactory review type thing, so if anyone wants to know more, please don't hesitate to ask! I'm not sure our opinions are that sought after (if that's the term I'm looking for...), though.

Today I'm thankful for websites from which to buy Japanese games and consoles, getting new books and contracts today, companies that pay within ten business days, people who return the manga they borrowed, and it being snack time.
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