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For various reasons, we have recently been being reminded of the fact that we want to get a Playstation 3 sooner rather than later. So yesterday, when we told Celeste that we needed to go grocery shopping, but we still haven't gotten the check we're expecting so we might have to wait, and she said, "Why don't I pay for your groceries and you can take it off of what I owe you for rent?," Athena thought, "Well if that's how she wants to do it, why don't we just have her buy us a PS3 and call it even?" Then we talked about it for a while and decided that wasn't such a bad idea.

So we struck a deal with Celeste and said that if she buys us a PS3, it'll cancel everything she owes us so far for rent, and she'd be off the hook for February. She liked that idea so much that she was willing to set out right then to get us a PS3 (in partial hopes that the sooner we got it, the more months' rent we'd deduct).

I'm not quite sure how it was decided that we would go along, but it was, and so we all went Questing for a PS3. Our first stop was Game Stop, where our favorite Game Stop employee was on the phone. As soon as she had a moment, Celeste asked her if they had any PS3s, and, sadly, she said no. She then told us that they had had some until like the day before, and they had been there for a while. Such bad timing!

Oh well. Off to the other side of the parking lot, where Target was located. We actually drove there because we're lame, and the car we parked opposite of has a license plate that said "OHSNNAP." Celeste took that as a sign, because everyone was using that phrase when she was in middle school, and then they stopped, and then she started using it again and it became popular.

Once we got to the electronics section, Celeste pushed the button that said, once pressed, help would arrive within 15 seconds. She started counting, and at about 7, a guy showed up! Neat! So we asked him about PS3s, and, alas, no luck. He was totally awesome and called EVERY OTHER TARGET IN FRESNO, but to no avail. The worst was the one place that said yes they had them, and so when he asked if they had more than one, the guy at the other Target went to check, and apparently, though they had been there when he went to lunch, they had since sold out. Not really insanely fast, since our quest didn't start until 8pm.

So we decided to go to Best Buy, even though we weren't sure they'd be open. They were, but of course, it was the same story. It was kind of funny, though, because we passed by two Targets on our way back, and we're like, "Well we know they don't have them there!" Maybe you had to be there.

And behold! There was a Circuit City. So we stopped in to see if they had any. And the guys told us they sold the last one like 8 minutes ago. They immediately confessed to lying, but alas, it was true that they were out.

And so instead of going straight to the grocery store, we passed by the grocery store and went on to Walmart, our last hope. And Walmart failed us. But that's okay, because we never expected much of them.

And thus our quest did end fruitlessly. But on the bright side, we have groceries!

It's actually a good thing, because the reason we would need a PS3 so quickly is that we hear they aren't region encoded. If this is true, we should be able to play Japanese games on an American system. And since we've finally gotten the work order for volume 2 of the manga series based on a Japanese video game that hasn't been released in the States, we're hoping we can get a chance to actually play the game, have a better idea of how everything works, and enhance our translation.

But then there are three questions: 1) is it really region free? 2) does the region-free-ness apply to the backwards compatibility? (I'm not sure how it would work if it didn't, but you never know, right?), and 3) just because the DVD player is region free, does that really mean the game stuff is too?

So now that we haven't yet spent (or made Celeste spend) the $500 (that's how much it is, right?), we have a chance to ask all our online friends if they know the answers to those three questions. So, does anyone?

Today I'm thankful for talks that are easy to pay attention to, having groceries, having a plan to get a PS3, Quests, and getting a chance to play the piano in Relief Society today.
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