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Until we meet again...

We sent the Shiny New Thing off in the mail today. Bye-bye!! *sniffles*

Eheh. Anyway, it's sad to see it go, but we do feel very blessed that we got to work on it. I'm excited to write all about it in our commemorative multi-part series. I really should get back to that, but we have some anime to watch before Celeste gets home, so I don't think I have time. Maybe tomorrow.

Also, we checked the TokyoPop website last night, and the Shiny New Thing is already up on their site, so we figure it's actually probably okay for us to say what it is, but since we're paranoid and still not quite sure we get to be the ones doing it, I think we'll keep it quiet for now. Not that anyone would really get that excited other than us, anyway.

And so today we started work on Fruits Basket 18, but we were still having a hard time letting go of the Shiny New Thing. We had to listen to one of our soundtracks of it while we worked so we wouldn't feel completely abandoned. We really are geeks.

Today I'm thankful for still having lots of awesome manga to translate, finding new forms of chocolate, getting e-mails from our favorite cousin, relatively painless trips to the post office, and still having the animated version of the Shiny New Thing.
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