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The waiting game

So we finished all our scrapbooking, we finished everything for the Del Rey series, and we're all ready to start on the Shiny New Thing and go really really fast! But we're waiting for a few questions to be answered so we don't quite want to get started yet. We might anyway; we'll see.

So now we're just waiting. It's kind of fun, because it's like, "Okay, we can do this one thing that takes two minutes. Done! Has she e-mailed us yet?" So we update LiveJournal, and hopefully by the time we're done, our boss will have e-mailed us. If not, I guess we can go to the 99cents Only Store, since we're out of bread.

Last night at Family Home Evening, everybody took that personality test with the four colors, and then we had cupcakes with sprinkles on them to match the colors! Yay! Athena and I got blue, like always. I didn't realize that the word for blue is "intimacy," because I always associated it with "perfectionism," and the two don't seem all that connected.

I wanted to talk about walnuts and rice! Just because it kind of fits with what's going on with us, so I was thinking about it. When we were in Young Women's, we had an awesome YW president, who always had really good object lessons. There was one about managing time, and it involved an analogy with walnuts and rice. Some of you may know of it as the rocks and sand analogy; I think she used walnuts and rice because they were easier to find in her house.

So anyway, a big jar represents how much time you have in a day. The walnuts represent all the important things that you need to get done, like work and scripture reading and things like that. The rice represents all the fun stuff like playing video games, watching anime, and reading manga for pleasure (as opposed to translating it for work). First, she put all the rice in the jar, and then she tried to put all the walnuts in. Some of them fit, but there really wasn't room for the rest.

But when she tried again and put the walnuts in first, and then poured the rice in, everything fit perfectly! Tadah! It was a really neat analogy, and we've noticed it works really well in real life too. Our only problem now is we're missing one of the walnuts.

And so we wait.

Today I'm thankful for walnut and rice analogies, cupcakes with sprinkles, personality tests, the Cingular logo, and alternate uses for walnuts that get them out of my cookies.

Speaking of the Cingular logo, according to Stephen Colbert, cingular is changing its name to AT&T, so the logo will probably go away. And that reminded me of a neat icon Athena came up with but we never made because we didn't have the patience or the reference pics. We take the cingular logo and dress it up like Byakuya Kuchiki from Bleach. Take a screencap from when he first uses his bankai thingie thing, where it has all the swords coming up one after another, like bars in a graph. Make sure there are five swords on the screen, put the new Kuchiki logo on it, and add the caption, "Kuchiki-taicho--raising the bar."
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