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It's really true! We think.

We haven't gotten the work order for the Shiny New Thing, so we're still not completely sure we get to do it, but we did get the book today, so things are looking good! I was a little concerned that its presence would be too distracting from the other stuff we needed to do today, but it didn't come until we were almost done with the scrapbooking, and then all we had left was translation notes for Del Rey, and we get so focused on stuff that it ended up not being a problem at all. So it's all very exciting.

But the other word for the day is "Whew." Because we did finish scrapbooking! And translation notes! I think one of the hardest things about translating for Del Rey is the translation notes. It doesn't help that this series likes to have a lot of cultural references.

Also, I had to call Mom and let her know that Celeste hadn't finished her scrapbook pages yet, which was bad because Mom wanted to pick them up before Celeste got home from work, along with all the scrapbooking stuff so she and Sarah and Steve and them can do their pages, and then she can put them in the mail before she leaves for LA tomorrow morning. So I called Mom, getting ready to defend Celeste if I had to (which would have been a little hard, because Celeste did go to bed a little early last night; in fact I think the only reason she didn't finish was that she was ticked at Mom and that made her want to work less (understandable, but difficult to defend)). But all Mom said was okay she'll just have to send them on Thursday. I was a little disoriented, and started offering to help with shipping or something to stave off Mom's wrath, but then she even apologized for being a flake (which is why Celeste was ticked at her). I guess it's all in the approach. But again I say, "Whew."

Today I'm thankful for being able to finish the Del Rey book so quickly, being done with scrapbooking, having a copy of the Shiny New Thing, having time for a chocolate break, and getting to start work on the Shiny New Thing tomorrow (hopefully).
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