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Busy Sunday

I feel like that should be an oxymoron. But as long as it's a restful kind of busy, or if you're doing service and stuff.

Today in the library we had to make a million copies. Well, three hundred, but close enough. One thing I keep wanting to mention about church is that I need to learn how to play the organ so when I complain about how slow the hymns are being played and people say, "Well can you play it that fast?" I can say yes. I want to take my metronome to church, and when the organist is playing the prelude music, I'll look up the hymn and set my metronome to the right meter, and take it up to the organ and tell the organist, "You hear this? If you're not playing this hymn in this meter, you're going too slow." Experience tells me that him not playing in that meter would not mean he's playing too fast, but then, you never know.

I came up with a good analogy during Relief Society about why Spencer W. Kimball wanted to change the lyric in "I am a Child of God" from "teach me all that I must know" to "teach me all that I must do." I was pleased with myself, so I'm going to share it again. I can know how to make cookies, but if I don't do the action and make the cookies, I don't get cookies.

Of course, that analogy is kind of torn down by the possibility of somebody else making cookies and sharing, but chances are you'd at least have to put forth the effort to reach out your hand and take the cookie.

After this, we're on to scrapbooking (after some chocolate, probably). It seems like it would be a fun thing to do, but since it wasn't our idea, it feels like work. We told Celeste some of our ideas last night, and she's like, "How are you gonna fit that all on?" And we're like, "Duh, we shrink it. That's what the image editor is for!" But it still shook us up a little. We are incredibly insecure, it would seem. But! if we choose to have fun, it should be fun. So. There we have it.

Today I'm thankful for being done making copies until next week, people who don't think I'm crazy for wanting the organist to play faster, fun analogies, the really pretty lighting outside, and kitties in a blanket.
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