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Talk about nostalgia!

The temperature is actually getting down to the low twenties here. I'm now afraid my fingers will fall off in the middle of work. I mean, it is warmer inside, of course, but...

As it turned out, Mom decided we did have time to go buy scrapbooking stuff today, so she called at 9:30 this morning to let us know she would be here soon to pick us up. When will she learn that she's lucky to catch us fully awake and ready to do stuff at 9:30 on a weekday, let alone the weekend? Ah well.

So that's what we did until about four-thirty. We bought scrapbooking stuff, and then we went to her storage unit to get all the old pictures. And then we spent the afternoon going through pictures. There were a lot of really adorable ones. I never really understood why people got so excited about twins until I was looking at some old pictures of us. We were such adorable toddlers.

Mom doesn't want to use the actual pictures for a scrapbook that she doesn't want to keep, so we scanned them all, and since Mom doesn't have photo editing software, she's e-mailing them to us. So we could resize some of them and post them right now, but I'm freaked out enough about time management as it is without spending hours working on pictures. Sure it'd probably only be about a minute in actuality, but that's beside the point.

I also found a book I wrote in third grade called "All About Me, A to Z." It was the most awesome book I've ever read! It made me want to scan it and post the whole thing on LiveJournal, but it was falling apart so I'm kind of afraid to. But some interesting tidbits include my wishing I had the key to Acme Acres, and an entry entry about what bothers me (my little sister Celeste). It was very cute.

Mom wants us to finish our scrapbook pages as soon as possible, but I'm so not wanting to spend time on that, even though when I think about it, it seems fun. I just hate editing pictures for some reason. Of course, if Celeste could have her way, she'd do the whole thing, but I think there are some things we want to include that she wouldn't be able to think of on her own. But if she wants to cut out little things with the fancy scrapbooking scissors and stuff like that, I am all for letting her do that.

But that will probably wait until tomorrow, since we still have some work to do tonight. We may have to pass on Final Fantasy XII, but for this new project, it's worth it.

Oh! And I wanted to mention yesterday but I forgot in my haste. We had mentioned to Celeste on Thursday that since we were going to our anime buddy's place to watch anime, we might not have time to play Brain Age, because she would have it with her at work all day. So, since she had time to do her training before she left for work, she very graciously left the game home for us, even though she usually keeps her DS on her at all times because she gets bored very easily. We were touched. *sniffle*

Today I'm thankful for lots of awesome and adorable pictures, still having time to do stuff today, Celeste being kind enough to leave Brain Age for us yesterday, getting my ryuseisui back from Mom's storage unit, and having things to snack on.
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