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Maybe it's Kingdom Hearts magic again, but we've almost finished our translation for this week already. We translated almost 90 pages today. Of course, it might help that we skipped all the singing. Eheh. But there really wasn't much in this volume. It's still hard to believe we finished the preliminary translation. Except for two pages in the afterword, but still.

But listening to Kingdom Hearts made me remember how long it's been since we played, and now I miss it. I almost feel like I'm betraying it by listening to Saiyuki music right now, since Kingdom Hearts and Saiyuki are kind of not similar at all and stuff. Except for Hiroaki Hirata.

I was thinking it'd be awesome to have a big Kingdom Hearts themed day where we watched all the movies that show up in Kingdom Hearts, or maybe just played the game all day, and maybe had decorations and made some of the recipes in that Disney book I got for Christmas. But we'd have to come up with our own recipes for Destiny Islands, Traverse Town, Deep Jungle, Halloween Town, Hollow Bastion, The End of the World, Twilight Town (pretzels!!)... and those other ones that are in KH2 but not the book. There's too many! Anyway, Destiny Islands's would probably have to involve paopu fruit, but since that fruit is fictional, we'd have to come up with a substitute. Or we could just use all the stuff Kairi has you gather for food on the big journey... I don't think I could eat that.

I feel like there was something I wanted to write about but I'm not sure if there really was...

That's right! Supernanny! We had it on for background while we ate dinner last night. Is it just me, or does Supernanny look like Katie Nana from Mary Poppins? It's like after the thing with Jane and Michael she was disgraced, and never wanted to let something like that happen ever again, so she trained and trained (like in the mountains where you meditate under a waterfall and wrestle bears?) and became SUPERNANNY!! Dah, da-dah DAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!

Oh yeah, and we've been getting used to the new AIM. It's kind of crazy, and I'm not sure I like it. But I like being able to customize the text colors more. We keep thinking it would be awesome if we make custom backgrounds and sounds and stuff, but it doesn't last very long, because we have a lot of work to do. But that makes us happy, because it means we won't be poor three months from now.

And! we were playing Brain Age yesterday, and when each of us went to our files, the little guy told us that he was sad because he didn't see us at all the day before. That made us sad. Maybe we're a little too sympathetic to computer programs, but I'm wondering if we should play just a little on Sundays.

Today I'm thankful for getting this translation (almost) done sooner than expected, Cocoa Pebbles, fun characters like Grayarts, friendly computer programs, and being done writing sort-of scary e-mails wondering why we don't have books or money yet.
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