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This icon has never been more appropriate. I keep trying to think of something to say to indicate how incredibly happy we are right now, but it all turns into unintelligibleness. And then blends into the lyrics of the songs we're listening to right now, because baranoneko is the BEST FRIEND EVER!!!!

She asked us the other day if the address she had for us was right, because she wanted to send us something. Last time she sent us something, it was Sano's single from The Law of Ueki, which was also a very, very, very happy CD to get, so we were pretty excited. My excitement may have been a bit unhealthy, though, since I think I had about three different dreams last night about getting her package in the mail. I was so worried when the mail lady didn't knock on our door today, because I would be so sad if we had to wait longer, even though we had no way of knowing what she had sent us. Aside from asking her, of course, but since she didn't tell us the first time...that's not the point.

As it turned out, the package was small enough to fit in the mailbox, so when Athena checked the mail after we finished working for today, there was much happiness waiting inside. For baranoneko had sent us none other than the Son Goku Song Collection from Saiyuki Reload Gunlock!


That's really about all we can say about that. The CD's been out for almost a year now, and we hadn't been able to get it, and now, it's ours! Thank you sooooooooooo much!!!! *glomps*

(We did look for it at AX, but to no avail.)

As I'm sure you've figured out from the title, it's a collection of all of Goku's solos from the Saiyuki and Saiyuki Reload vocal albums, plus two new ones! Goku's songs have always been our favorites of the solos (though Sanzo and Gojyo both have some awesome solos), and Soichiro Hoshi (his voice, of course) is number two on our favorite voice actor list. We really ought to write him another fan letter one of these days. And! his two new songs are at least as good as all his others! It's so cute in the little interview with him at the beginning of the lyric book, because they ask him about all the old songs, and he says he remembers "infinity" being like the famous Goku song, and how he remembers that the key is a little high for him and he remembers having a hard time recording it. He's so adorable. But don't tell him we said that.

In other news, we just got two new work orders from TokyoPop. As I may have said a few days ago, our boss tells us that they're a little behind schedule and so the deadlines might be a little tight. We were wondering what she meant, because the one is due in February, and then there were two due in April. But now we have another February one and a March one, so it all makes sense. One of them is Ai Yori Aoshi, so it's perfect that we just got a Hoshi-san album!

Last night we found an awesome Japanese gameshow all about kanji. They show a famous person and their name, and then ask the contestants how the name is pronounced. They also have a thing where they show a kanji and tell you what year in elementary school you were supposed to have learned it, and then have the contestants take turns drawing strokes to see if they can get the stroke order right. And then they show kanji compounds and ask how those are read. It was pretty fun. And then they showed a flamenco dancer using 39,900yen castanets. We're not sure where that fits in (we missed the beginning of the show), but $400 for castanets is crazy.

Today I'm thankful for finally having Son Goku's Song Collection (we can't thank you enough, baranoneko!), Goku's two new songs, Goku's four not-so-new songs, more new work orders, and fun new gameshows.
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