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It's kind of interesting how the Japanese use Christian theology to write stories the same way we use, say, Greek mythology. I guess we do that in America too, like with The Exorcist, and that new Revelation series that's going to be on...what is it, NBC? I haven't really seen those (well, obviously I haven't seen Revelation), so I don't know how far they go with "artistic license."

So anyway, there are a couple of things. First, that series I mentioned earlier called Death Scythe. It actually seems to be based off of all theologies, but mainly Christian and Judaic. There are angels, and they serve their own various gods (usually some person they give powers to), and sometimes kill other angels' gods, because any god that isn't theirs is, to them, an evil god. I'm not sure how I feel about this premise (like is it too sacrilegious?), but the characters are all so fun! Setsuna's the bestest. And he looks like a mix between Dark Mousy from DN Angel and Eyes Rutherford from Spiral. And when someone starts raving like a lunatic (or if they're just annoying him), he kicks them.

We found a Japanese great site to help us get all the spellings of the names that are taken from various mythologies and theologies. Not sure how I feel about it being

The other thing: Xenosaga (and Xenogears). We just beat XenosagaII. Those Xenosaga games have a habit of ending where you least expect it. Okay, so you can kind of see it coming, but it's still kind of like, "But... wait... it's not over yet...! It can't be!" But I guess if it wasn't they wouldn't be able to sell sequels. At least we know more about what's the deal with chaos.

It was kind of interesting, because they had this whole big thing where Scott Menville was talking a lot (*swoon*), and I'm like, "I seem to remember always having this feeling that we need to hear the Japanese version... But in the Japanese version, Scott Menville wouldn't be in it, and his character is played by a girl..." And then chaos showed up and I remembered very clearly why we need to hear the Japanese version.

Now, we always liked chaos, and it was so cool that his techniques were all like "Angel Wings" and stuff. Now we know that apparently his real name is Yeshua, which is...I think it's the Hebrew? form of Jesus (probably where the name Joshua comes from). So that explains why he has all the best powers and why he can disintegrate the Gnosis without a weapon, and why he obviously knows everything despite his best efforts to feign otherwise. Still not quite sure how I feel about that. On the one hand, we can say, "We'll have to play the third game to know for sure," but on the other hand...

...I'm really not sure what's on the other hand. *sigh*
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