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Oh well.

I tried updating earlier, but the entry just seemed kind of boring, so I thought I'd try again later. Nothing interesting has happened since, but nobody else is updating, so we figure we might as well spam their friends lists or something. Hmm, maybe that means we should divide this into three or four entries...

We stayed up late last night wandering around Rabanastre in Final Fantasy XII. I think we spent like an hour chasing that cockatrice. Maybe only half an hour. But we did find the guy that's talking about how his friend says there was an unbelievable amount of people at the fete, and he's like, "Even if you count the bards... Well, unless he was counting the spoony bards. That would be another matter entirely." Or something along those lines. I really wonder what the original Japanese line was.

We really should work or something today. Right now we're just being lazy. We're sad because the Elemental Gelade soundtrack doesn't come out for more than a week, and by then we'll be done with this volume. Oh well; there are at least five more.

Today is Sailor Saturn's birthday. Just as a random note. Happy birthday, Hotaru! Yesterday was Keitaro Urashima's birthday, and Monday was Kadzuki Fuchoin's birthday. We should have watched GetBackers. Oh well.

Maybe I'll finish up this entry and do the next part of our commemorative multi-part series. I'm not sure I have much of interest to say about Lagoon Engine, though. I really am feeling very boring today. We'll see whether or not I get to that.

So just another lazy Saturday. Today I'm thankful for spoony bards, sudoku, not yet being stumped on FF12 sidequests, live action Sailor Moon, and pirate treasure.

As another random note I just thought of, the Star Wars geek on Beauty and the Geek kept being on a commercial for the show where he sang this song that goes something like, "Han Solo can't help with his fate, 'cause he's trapped inside the carbona-ate," and I keep thinking, "But carbonate is a completely different chemical than carbonite!" Oh well.
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