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We've been reminded why we're afraid of people.

I stand corrected about Aurora's fiance potentially being a good influence. I think he's made her worse. Like how there was this kid that we were always a little meaner to when another friend of ours was around. I think we got better, though! I hope...

We went out to dinner with people last night. The dinner was very nice, but the company maybe not so much. Aurora and her fiance are the kind of people that make it so everybody in the world is afraid to just like stuff without making sure everybody else likes it first. If you're taste is different than theirs, they'll joke about it in a way that makes you feel very much inferior. We found out later, when we called them on a bit of hypocrisy (we were playing Catchphrase, and Aurora would get on our case for using clues that only one or two people would understand, and she and her fiance were doing it the whole time), that "they don't mean anything by it," but they don't seem to have realized that a joke isn't funny if it makes your audience feel bad. Of course, I think to them their only real audience is each other. And that makes it all the more vexing when they actually are fun and entertaining.

I feel vindicated, though, because we consistently beat Aurora at Calculation Battle x30 on Brain Age.

We're not quite sure what to do with ourselves today. We got a new batch of deadlines for TokyoPop, which we asked for, of course, but our boss told us they're a bit behind schedule and they're hoping for things to come in before deadline. This shouldn't be a problem at all (next deadline's February 5 (ooh, Lacus's birthday!)), but we're over-achievers, so we can't decide if we want to work any more today or just go straight to Final Fantasy XII. We're so close to the end we can taste it! Especially because we actually got to what was obviously the final battle, but were killed. So now we're thinking we'll go finish hunting those marks. The question is to whether or not we can find all the Espers.

And in other news, we're thinking about moving to Provo!!

Just kidding! Everybody else was sayin' it, and then all their friends are like, "Dude, that'll be AWESOME!" and so we were feeling left out. But Celeste really is planning on moving to Provo, which will be good for her, because she has friends there, which she really needs. The people in our ward here are all very nice, but they all have a hard time being inclusive. That's why you've only ever seen me talk about our anime buddy, and I haven't really mentioned hanging out with anyone else.

It does bring up a slight problem for us, though, because our anime buddy has already told us that her family has other plans for 4th of July weekend, and Celeste was our backup plan for getting to Long Beach. Our ex-home-teacher, who drove us to AX'05, would probably be willing to drive us again, but then we'd still have to figure out how to get to Disneyland. Unless the other guy in the ward who likes anime (with whom we have not hung out, except for at FHE) drives down and wouldn't mind going to Disneyland. We're not too worried yet, since there's plenty of time to figure it out. Any number of things could happen.

Today I'm thankful for getting a New Year's postcard from TokyoPop (even if it is really corny), no longer being +ANIMA-less (yay!), having new work orders, strawberry lemonade, and yarn.
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