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It's funny how life imitates art sometimes.

A few days ago (like two?) we started up an e-mail correspondence with someone we've never met before. She happens to be a fan of one of the serieses we translate, and she seems nice enough and I think we could get along very well. Except for one thing.

The reason she got in touch with us to begin with is that she's the English adaptation writer for the crazy crazy thing.

English adaptation writers are our sworn enemies, ever since DN Angel. Actually probably since the Saiyuki dub. But officially since DN Angel. But we can't resist the opportunity to talk about ourselves, and she keeps asking us questions, and we love to answer questions (it seems unfair to the other person, because we're so bad at asking them ourselves), so we keep e-mailing. It's kind of like Goku and Kougaiji, or Daisuke and Satoshi, but we're Satoshi, since Daisuke never really thought of Satoshi as an enemy. We're still Goku, though, because we say so.

I kind of want to give her our LJ info, but then she'd read this entry, kakko shou (that's how they read the (笑) that Japanese people write after sentences when they're laughing at themselves). It also seems like it might be weird with all the family issues and stuff I talk about, since our relationship is kind of professional, but then again, there are plenty of other people on our friends list that we've never met in person. I'm just a very scared-of-people person, which is why we don't comment more often on other people's entries. We do read them though!

On a different note, we've been watching Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. It's the Majiko! series I was talking about earlier. There was some confusion because when Animate was talking about it, it mentioned CLAMP, but we had seen a bazillion times that the manga is drawn by Majiko!. So as it turns out, the series was created by someone Ohkawa and Goro Taniguchi. I don't remember what else Taniguchi-san has done, but I do remember he's been to AX. And CLAMP did the character designs for the anime. Majiko! draws the manga, which is going on at the same time as the anime.

It's very shiny. And it's a very interesting series, in that the main character is scary and evil. Okay, maybe not evil... no, yeah, evil. He's like, for baranoneko's reference, evil Ayumu, played by Jun Fukuyama. And he's scary.

Overall, the first couple of episodes gave us the impression that somebody wanted to do another Gundam Seed, only different, and then they played Final Fantasy XII and were like, "It's perfect!" And combined them. And made the main character scary and evil. Basic summary: the world's controlled by the Britannian Empire, and Japan, which had been neutral, was recently taken over and completely lost its identity, and all the Japanese people are called "elevens" instead of "Japanese people" because Japan is now Area 11. Obviously, there are a bunch of people who don't like that, and they're rebelling. And there's not-so-giant robots and mind control.

And the one villainy guy is named Clovis, which is the city we live in. That's just weird.

We're not so much fans of serieses where the main character is scary and evil (unless he's played by Soichiro Hoshi♥ (re: Argento Soma)), but this one's pretty addictive. We have to get the fansubs because l33t-raws doesn't have it, but with all the political stuff, maybe that's a good thing. Athena says it's nice that someone paid close enough attention that we don't have to.

We didn't get to order CDs last night, because when we asked Celeste if we could go to the bank, she said, "Do we have to?" And we were like, "I guess not." Though inwardly we were like, "You're still going to pay us, right?" We're so greedy.

But we did get Brain Age! It's neat. But Game Stop didn't have any of the other games we wanted, except for used Mario Hoops, which was only $5 cheaper than new, so we're like, "Psh. We'll get it new." And Target didn't have the kind of gloves we want, so we were a little sad yesterday, but that's because we're greedy. My brain age is like 44 if I do the one that requires talking out loud, and 26 if I do the one that doesn't, which was weird, because I really sucked at the mazey one where you have to connect numbers and the letters. The goal is to have a young brain, so you exercise it! Tadah! We're thinking that if we play while listening to classical music, we'll be SUPER GENIUSES!!!!!

We wanted to get the GameCube version of Twilight Princess, because we don't have the money to buy a Wii just to play the one game (which is probably the only game we'd ever get for Wii, if we ever got a Wii, unless they make more Zelda games), but they didn't have the GameCube version at Game Stop. The guy told us we should totally save up for a Wii and get the Wii version, because it's freakin' awesome, and he almost convinced us. But then again, we probably would only ever have the one game for it, which would make it sad and lonely. And it would mean we basically paid $300 for one game. Blah. Still, he had us hesitating enough to not buy the GC version when we saw it at Target. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Today I'm thankful for having Brain Age, being able to do arithmetic quickly (the multiplication ones tend to get me, though), mint Drumsticks, Mimsies who like to distract us from work, and shiny new anime.
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