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Or at least, I was until Aurora and company came over. She's very judgmental and a bit stressful to be around. Fortunately, her fiance seems a lot nicer, and hopefully will be a good influence.

As it turns out, a rant would have been premature, and uncalled for, so I'm glad I didn't go off too much. I can't take back the being sick of people's "I'm looking out for myself and screw everybody else" attitudes though, because I am, and in fact I'm sure that part of the reason Mom was able to not be racked with guilt about all the stuff she put us through at the end of '04 is that she had people telling her, "No, don't feel bad. You need to do what's best for you!" The ironic thing is, when people take that attitude, they seem to end up doing things that really aren't what's best for them.

So what happened was I woke up early yesterday and found out that Celeste had been using the heater without asking. We don't like people to be cold, so we don't mind her using the heater, except that when Athena asked Celeste if she wanted her to show how the heater worked so she could turn it on and not freeze in the mornings, Celeste said, "Oh, it's not so bad," thus indicating that she would not use it. Plus, using the heater takes money, which we don't necessarily have.

But, since Celeste is technically a roommate, she's also technically helping with the rent, and therefore technically has every right to turn the heater on whenever she wants. Except that at the time, she was only technically helping with rent, and not actually helping with rent. But she had been saying for a long time that she would pay us when she could afford it, and we know exactly what it's like to be getting money and still not able to afford things, so we didn't bug her that much. But yesterday I guess I was feeling a little mean because one, I had woken up early, two, Celeste had hardly talked to us at all since getting back from LA the night before, and three, we've been in a whiny, "But I want CD-eeeeees," mood for the past couple of weeks. Plus there were other minor annoyances piling up.

And so, in light of all that, we decided it wasn't even worth it to bring it up, and as it turned out, not only did we get Celeste to take us to the bank and the grocery store, but we were thiiiiiiis close to going all the way back to the bank so we could deposit a little bit of what she owes us for rent. I was the one who called the trip off, because basically there was too much math involved, and I thought it was a little silly to go all the way back to the bank from whence we had just come. And, we were planning to go out tonight to spend the Target giftcard our RS presidency so generously bestowed upon us, so we figured we could go to the bank then. And once we deposit more money in our account we can finally order CDs!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

So things turned out to be very happy for all of us. Actually, I'm not sure how happy things ended up for Celeste, but she seems to be figuring out how to get her life back in order, and that's got to be at least a little happy. Also, now that it's been reaffirmed that she's willing to pay rent, I would be happy with only a third of what she owes us. It's enough to buy CDs--that's all we really need. Even then, I feel a little guilty asking, since we don't technically need the money. But then again, and I feel kind of arrogant for saying this, we kind of feel like people would feel better about themselves if they would pay what they owe, or feel they owe. Of course, that might just be our justification, because we want CDs, dangit!

In other news, it seems CMX has announced the series we're working on for them! Which makes sense, because part of it was supposed to be in their 2007 sampler. It's called "I Hate You More Than Anything (Sekai de Ichiban Dai-Kirai)," by Banri Hidaka. Does it sound familiar? Natsuki Takaya mentions Hidaka-sensei in one of the chat columns in volume 3 of Fruits Basket, when she's bragging about getting to meet her. She's also the one who designed the outfit that Momiji was wearing in chapter 53 (towards the end of volume 9), even though apparently we got her name wrong. (We're sorry, Hidaka-sensei!!) We didn't realize until later that it was the same person, so when we found out, we were like, "Whoa..." It's like fate or something.

For those wanting a summary, it's about a girl who's just lost her first love, but that guy's best friend has always been in love with her, and she hates him more than anything, but through various circumstances they start to get closer... Since the author of Fruits Basket likes Hidaka-sensei's works, it might be fair to say that Fruits Basket fans will like this one, too.

And today I'm thankful for having paid the rent (before the last day! Yay!), once again having groceries, happy e-mails from Jonathan, plans to go to Target and buy gloves, and being able to talk about another series we're working on.
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