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GRARrar grrrrrr HISSSSS grarrrarrggrrrrr!

That should really go on much longer, but I'm not sure how I'd spell all of it. The point is, I am royally ticked off and have a lot of ranting to do. But one of the most frustrating parts is that I realize I may not have all the facts, and ranting may be premature. Which sucks.

Though on the bright side, if the ranting is premature, then things won't be as bad as they seem.

Basically, many many times we have fallen victim to others' "look out for myself and screw everybody else" attitudes, and we're a little bit sick of it. Though what happened today really wasn't anything big, and, as I said, may not mean anything. But ARGH!!! The only reason these people can get away with it so often is that we're such saps that all we do in response is write scathing LiveJournal entries. AND THEY'RE NOT EVEN ALL THAT SCATHING!!!!!


So instead, it's time to focus on happier things. We went to the Disney Movie Rewards page yesterday and got points for our Pirates and Little Mermaid DVDs! (The abbreviation of "Pirates of the Caribbean" is "Pirates." You don't say, "Hey, let's go on PotC," you say, "Let's go on Pirates.") We're pretty excited. If we save up enough points, we can get two tickets to see Tarzan on Broadway (subject to availability)! Of course, that would then require us to get ourselves somewhere near Broadway. Dad's in Maryland. That might help.

You can also get points for filling out surveys, which would have been very addicting except that they only have one survey up at a time and we have to wait for them to post a new one before we can take it. And there's an instant win game! It's fun because all you have to do is click. Again, it would be really addicting if you could do it more than once a day.

We went to check our calendar to see how close our next deadline is and were reminded that we don't have a 2007 calendar. So now we're thinking of printing ourselves one. Our current plan is to make it of serieses that we translate(d). The only downside is that if we print the whole calendar, then we'll know what all the pictures are, and part of the fun is finding out what the picture is at the beginning of each month. Anyway, we'd better get started right away if we don't want to waste the January picture.

Today I'm thankful for Disney Movie Rewards, still having CDs to listen to when we need calming down, good spelling, fun new calendar ideas, and fansubbers that don't use weird file types.
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