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After doing that end of the year meme, and thinking it'll probably be going around again at the end of this year, I'm a little bit more worried about making sure the first sentence of the first entry of each month isn't boring. I'm not sure I'll succeed, since I've been feeling pretty boring in writing lately. We'll see.

I had been hoping to start the new year off with a new wallpaper, but none of the websites where we get wallpaper had any new ones that we really liked, and I was a little sad. But then this morning, we went to Yukiru Sugisaki's website, even though the last few times we went, I'd noticed the download section (where she posts wallpapers) had been removed. But we thought there'd be an interesting update for the new year, so we went anyway, and found out that it looks like she'll be getting back to Lagoon Engine! Hopefully that means there's hope for DN Angel. It's an especially good sign, we hope, that the download section was back up, and the wallpaper was a picture of Risa and Riku! So we got good news, and pretty new wallpaper! Yay!

Last night we got trapped by kitties while we were eating dinner, so we ended up watching more TV than we'd planned. But it's okay, because while channel surfing, we found Nodame Cantabile on AZN, and we watched the second half and it was really neat. The anime is going to be starting really soon (what we watched was the live action version), so hopefully l33t-raws will be distributing it.

We decided the Lion King would be a good movie to greet the new year with, so we watched that, too. While we were watching the "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" part, I was watching Simba and remembered a comment that was made in the Beauty and the Beast commentary about how much time Glen Keane spent at the zoo getting reference stuff for his animation, and thought that the Disney movies that came out around that time are all really good, or at least have such incredible animation, because they had animators who would go to such lengths. I think it's important to find something that you're so passionate about that you would, for example, spend hours at the zoo just to make sure you get everything right.

I also thought about how the lions were so amazingly catlike and human at the same time, which also reminded me of the Beauty and the Beast commentary, where they pointed out when the Beast was pacing, he was on all fours, and how you can't do that with live action. And it made me think of Dr. Murdoch at BYU, and how he said that movies like Pocahontas, The Emperor's New Groove, Aladdin, and other things that don't have an all-white cast were Disney's attempts at internationalization. But if you think of it from the point of view of the animators, it was probably more along the lines of, "Where haven't we gone? What kind of new world can we animate?" Less an attempt at being politically correct (though that may have been a part of it), and more an attempt at creating something new. So if any of you BYU people take a world history class from Dr. Murdoch, see if you can point that out for us (and tell us what he says).

Oh! And something I wanted to mention last night, when reviewing 2006. I wanted to say how grateful I was that all the video games and manga that we really, really, really wanted came out at times when we happened to have a little bit of spendable money with which to buy them. It reminds me of what our church history professor at BYU (if anybody sees Brother Hedges, tell him hi from the Nibley twins!) said about the law of consecration. He said that not only would you be allotted your needs, but your wants would be taken into consideration, too. So, for example, he would still be allowed to have his skis, because he would go insane if he couldn't ski, even though he doesn't need to. And so in 2006, not only were our needs taken care of, but we also got to play Kingdom Hearts II, Final Fantasy XII, and to get Saiyuki Reload 7 before we had to translate it for TokyoPop. Very, very happy.

And, thinking about how rambly this entry ended up being, I have thought of a good rambling icon, but we need to actually make it before we can use it. I smile to myself thinking about it.

Today I'm thankful for Disneyland raspberry lemonade, the Lion King, having a new wallpaper for the new year, awesome BYU professors, and potentially having a neat Japanese drama to watch on Sundays.
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