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As the year comes to a close...

First! A meme:

You know, the one with the first line/few lines from the first entry of each month. But I think I'll do two for January, because the first one was actually our New Year's post.

2005 has certainly been a year. Wow. It's kind of weird to think that we've been here for a year. See, we moved into our current apartment on January 1st last year. Wow, it really is last year. Crazy.

So yesterday we were watching Cartoon Network and there was a commercial for Ben 10, the art style of which reminds me a lot of Teen Titans, so I said to Athena, "Man, I wish Teen Titans was still on at a reasonably viewable time on weekdays." The weekdays part was actually implied, but it was still there-ish.

[subject: And why do we like DN Angel?] Well, aside from it having awesome characters and a great story, as well as beautiful art, we can translate thirty-five pages in a mere hour and three minutes.

Thanks to the new wallpaper calendar for FushigiBoshi no FutagoHime, I've been reminded about cosplay.

Before our visiting teacher moved to Sacramento, she gave us a puzzle she randomly had and didn't want. And so, we decided working on it would be a great way to keep ourselves awake during General Conference. (We were sure this one would be Kingdom Hearts, but Conference does come first, after all. The second half of the entry was about KH, though.)

Not that we were really moaning and complaining about our lack of snackfood before this weekend, just the occasional, "Aw man, I have the munchies." But now we have more cake than we could possibly wish for.

It's so weird that it's June 1st and I haven't worked on costumes at all.

We're back, we're safe, we're alive... barely. Extremely exhausted. There's too much walking at that convention, even with all the escalators and elevators. I guess it just goes to show how lacking we are in the exercise department.

For some reason no longer known even to us, we continue to check the Anime Posse email account every day as part of our morning computer routine.

Last night's "Who wants to be a Superhero?" was totally awesome, as expected.

[subject: How could we have missed that!?] Very easily, actually; we never really knew who played Kisa.

[sub: We have been challenged!!] But before that, we have sparkly new icons!! (again, we were sure it would be Final Fantasy XII, and again, that's what the second half of the entry is all about)

In light of the fact that we really don't have much idea what happened today, we decided now would be a good time to continue our commemorative multi-part series! Woooooooo!!

That's us in a nutshell, cartoons, translating, voice actor obsessions, and doing things first so we can justify video games later. It actually turned out to be a better summary than I thought it might.

2006 was an interesting year. There was a lot of...poverty? I guess is the word. Not that we were really all that poor, but we did learn what Bishop's storehouse food tastes like. One thing we always knew, that we didn't point out to ourselves until later, is that no matter how bad things get, they can always get worse, and we are very, very thankful that they didn't get worse. (We tried to come up with a scenario where things couldn't get any worse, and as soon as we had finished it, and said, "Maybe in that case," the thought hit me--boils.) Another thing we always knew is that the Lord wouldn't let us be destroyed, and that was another big help.

This year, we made some new friends, and maybe lost touch with some old. And there was a lot of emotional insecurity as well as financial. Overall though, I think this year was pretty awesome. We picked up two new clients, so hopefully we won't ever be in as dire straits as we were last January. We were only able to get one new CD, but it was the Kingdom Hearts II soundtrack. We got Kingdom Hearts II, Host Club was animated, we found Mamoru Miyano's weblog, we found out that translator guy probably doesn't think we're creepy stalkers, we turned in our one hundredth translation to TokyoPop... Yup. Lots of cool stuff for 2006.

Still not in Japan, though. Maybe we're too easily distracted, what with work and video games. We did try! But the Nova Group didn't want us. Or at least, not as badly as they wanted the other people. I guess that's something to work on in 2007. Now that we might be able to actually start saving money, there might be some possibility. We'll just have to see.

So this year, I'm thankful for having made it through another year (without even being evicted!), having been (and still being) allowed to translate lots of awesome manga, new friends, awesome anime to watch, and awesome video games to play. Of course, there's probably a bunch of other stuff, too, but if I tried to list all of it, I'd be here for the rest of the year! Ha, ha, ha. See, I was going to say, "all day," but I changed it because today's the last day of the year. Get it?

I guess you had to be there.

Happy New Year everyone!!
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